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30 years old from the ashes of fracturing technology prospects

Jan 16, 2017

Recently, by the Institute of petroleum engineering technology in shengli oilfield design and construction of the reborn after a long stop 30-year old well fracturing, marking in low permeability and high pour-point oil reservoir in shengli oilfield fracturing process matures.

Ancient 26 well is shengli 26 exploration wells in exploration of a key, but also a long stop in old wells. "Head of the fracturing engineering, 1985, 26 wells drilled after testing 5 layers, but because of the low yield was closed. In its analysis of the well, researchers think Jing Kuang is very complex, heterogeneous, and freezing point 40, therefore requires fracturing crack has a high conductivity, while avoiding hot liquid damage. In response to these difficulties, researchers using numerical simulation technology to optimize the crack patterns and hot-water preparation of fracturing fluid performance optimization, real-time mixing crack design emulsion pressure liquid safety programmes meet the needs of site construction of fracturing, resulting in higher diversion channel based fracturing technology, supporting a rapid flowback pump integrated process design and fracturing.