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Baoji petroleum machinery fracturing pump industrial test successful

Jan 16, 2017

Recently, independently developed by Baoji petroleum machinery limited liability company first group maximum power--QPI-3500 five-cylinder hydraulic fracturing pump for fracturing in Weiyuan County, Sichuan province industrial test of a shale gas well in the territory, after the successful completion of four-stage fracturing, won the first battle.

QPI-3500 fracturing pump is equipment manufacturing subsidiaries manufacture key parts of the oil and gas equipment and manpower project of science and technology development and process technology research sub-topics. January 2013 project, July 2015 passed the project acceptance of equipment manufacture branch organizations.

QPI-3500 fracturing pumps not only applicable to the vehicle and to skid, the supporting 3000 fracturing in the precious stones machinery company developed industrial test runner, user generally reflected the pump performance of strong, stable, reliable wearing parts.

Is the core of fracturing and acidizing units equipment in fracturing pump, QPI-3500 the successful application of fracturing pumps, marking the precious stones machinery company has basically mastered the core equipment of the technology of fracturing and acidizing units, is expected to change the company's long-term reliance on imports of fracturing pump with high power.