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China's petroleum equipment manufacturing into the green era

Mar 03, 2017

"Our team reversed the situation of the 70 type of drilling rig for two consecutive years of losses, is the oil on behalf of the oil rig." February 24th, the Great Wall drilling and drilling company 70101 team captain Feng Xian inventory to the staff last year, said the account of. Electric oil rig is not only energy saving and environmental protection, but also to reduce costs, the average cost per rig can be reduced by 420 thousand yuan per month. Up to now, drilling two companies have accumulated a total of 281 wells using electricity on behalf of oil equipment, saving diesel oil more than 6 thousand and 300 tons.

This is a microcosm of China's oil equipment manufacturing business to implement green development strategy, to achieve energy saving and environmental protection. In recent years, China's oil through electricity generation oil, gas, oil and other equipment development projects to promote energy-saving emission reduction project for China's oil equipment into the green blood".

China's petrochemical industry is one of the major emitters in the field of industry, but also the focus of the industrial sector in the 12th Five-Year period. Petroleum and petrochemical equipment as a key factor to restrict energy saving and emission reduction, has considerable potential for energy saving and emission reduction. To this end, the state introduced a number of policies to support energy saving and environmental protection green equipment development, called for the enterprises by strengthening the technical transformation and technological innovation, with minimal resources, the lowest cost, minimum emissions, accelerate the transition to green development.

China Petroleum clearly proposed to build high-end, green, international equipment manufacturing business development goals, to further enhance the advantages of energy saving and emission reduction, product structure to achieve the transformation from traditional manufacturing to green manufacturing. In 2012, Chinese petroleum organization completed natural gas application equipment and other special product development planning, screening and identified a number of structural adjustment of key projects, in order to promote the wide application of natural gas and other clean energy in the production of oil and gas fields. In the upgrading of the dominant products, China's oil clearly put forward to accelerate the upgrading of traditional advantages of products, and gradually eliminate the high energy consumption, heavy pollution products, to achieve the green development of China's petroleum equipment.

In 2013, Chinese oil will continue to do atmospheric oil application growth type and strategic type equipment manufacturing business, in order to highlight the key, easy to difficult, steadily principle, continue to increase green equipment development and promotion efforts, focus on strengthening the large diameter natural gas engine, three pumping system research, comprehensive energy saving technology system of natural gas compressor 5 technology and equipment research. Taking the Yangtze River shipping as a breakthrough, and strive to build LNG production, reception and storage of key equipment manufacturing capacity. Focus on shale gas, unconventional gas exploration and development in the field of equipment to seek new breakthroughs.

China petroleum equipment manufacturing company information technology department deputy director Zhou Shiyan said that this year, Chinese petroleum equipment manufacturing business will give full play to science and technology driving force, scientific research to make green equipment R & D tilt, is expected to increase about 15% than last year. In addition, the upgrading of old products will also be to improve energy efficiency and energy conservation as the direction, starting from the scientific research, manufacturing, marketing and other aspects, as soon as possible to become a new growth point of China's green oil equipment manufacturing industry.