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Code for safe operation of hydraulic pump truck

Aug 25, 2017

Operational safety rules are a quasi-side that we must know when we operate the equipment. It is also a code of conduct that not only ensures the proper operation of the equipment, but also ensures the safety of the staff.

1, before the pump check:

(1) check the pump oil level, check the instrument at least 75% of the oil at the inspection, check the oil tank fixed with or without leakage, the respirator cap with dust clogging, oil temperature warning switch for damage.

(2) Check the pump plunger packing Lubrication tank Oil level and the oil level of the separator in the plunger lubrication air line (best of 2-3).

(3) Check the drive shaft, universal joint, shaft tube and telescopic sleeve for damage, brake and damper is loose and damaged.

(4) The hydraulic actuator should be in neutral position.

(5) check the Vermeer, plug, packing pressure cap is tight, open the valve is closed.

(6) check the Martin Dick pump pressure gauge is zero, to be pressure protection is intact.

(7) Check the pneumatic pump oil, to ensure that the plunger lubrication is good, and the water valve open, so that it can work properly.

2, open pump:

(1) According to 16V149TIB diesel engine operating procedures to start the diesel engine.

(2) the normal operation of the equipment on the sand platform, and to the normal supply of fracturing pump.

(3) according to the operation command command to set the diesel engine throttle and hang a file to open the pump, multi-car combination operation should be driven by the pump in turn to increase the displacement.

(4) Check that the connecting lines are sealed.

3, load operation:

(1) load the diesel engine after the operation increased to 1800-900r / min.

(2) Check the pump oil pressure and lubrication temperature, the normal working pressure of the pump is 40-110PSI (2.8-7.7kg / cm2) The normal working oil temperature can not be higher than 175F, otherwise check the pump.

(3) Check and set the plunger packing lubrication pressure is 25PSI (1.75kg / cm2)

(4) check the Martin Dick pump pressure gauge and remote control box on the pump pressure indication is consistent.

(5) staff should always pay attention to the large pump with or without abnormal sound.

(6) check the pump plunger lubrication is not normal, plunger movement suddenly slow down or abnormal sound, should immediately stop the pump. (7) all listen to the scene command, construction is strictly prohibited to stop pumping, parking, something timely report.

4, stop the pump:

(1) according to the instructions of the operation command will be remote control box gear shift knob set the neutral position.

(2) open the pump head 2 "vent gate to release the pressure inside the pipeline and high pressure tube pressure inside.

(3) open the valve, release the water.

Open the cover, check the body, the body of the ball, the seal of the situation, found the problem in a timely manner (or report). 5, emergency stop pump:

(1) fracturing pump oil temperature exceeds 175F and the temperature does not fall down, the oil pressure below 40PSI (2.8kg / cm2).

(2) plunger packing and inhalation, discharge Versailles damage, displacement and pressure are significantly decreased.

(3) when the blender is not liquid. (4) When the suction hose and the high pressure drain pipe are seriously missing.

(5) when a major mechanical failure occurs.

Note: the load after stopping the pump, the pressure of more than 350kg / cm2 time is not allowed more than 10min, or empty the pump again after the start.