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Damage factors and safety precautions of mud pump

Jun 16, 2017

Damage factors of mud pump

(1) The mud pump is not mounted on a solid foundation or foundation.

(2) The direction of rotation of the motor is not correct.

(3) running the same did not stop the pump to check, still continue to use.

Mud pump safety precautions

(1) mud pump should be installed in a solid foundation , not loose.

(2) Before starting, the inspection items should meet the following requirements: the connection site is firm; the motor rotation direction is correct; the clutch is flexible and reliable; the pipe connection is firm, the seal is reliable and the bottom valve is flexible and effective.

(3) before the start, suction pipe, bottom valve and pump body should be filled with water, pressure gauge buffer should be filled with oil at the top.

(4) before the start of the piston twice, no obstruction when the no-load start. After the start, should be running and then gradually increase the load.

(5) the use of multi-block speed of the mud pump, in the operation of each shift should be several speed operation, running time should not be less than 30 minutes.

(6) operation will not speed, when the need for speed, should stop the pump to shift.

(7) If there is abnormal operation, water, pressure is not normal, or there is a significant high temperature, should be pumped to check.

(8) Under normal circumstances, the pump should be stopped at no load. Stop the pump for a long time, should all open the water hole, and release the cylinder head, raised the end of the valve put water rod, put the pump and pipe all the mud.

(9) If you intend to long-term use, should clean the ministries, grease, the crankcase lubricants put out, and should take anti-rust, anti-corrosion and other measures.