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Depth analysis: mud pump hydraulic end fittings (piston rod, cylinder)

Jun 09, 2017

Mud pump hydraulic end structure


Piston rod, also known as the piston rod, is connected to the drilling mud pump power and hydraulic end of the main accessories, but also one of the drilling pump wearing parts. Piston rods, rods and intermediate rods, made of alloy steel forging, after heat treatment of the product strength, the product by CNC machining, surface treatment with galvanized, nickel or plated decorative chrome, to meet the different requirements of customers. Piston assembly is the main part of the mud pump hydraulic end, the mud pump discharge pressure is through the piston assembly in the cylinder liner reciprocating linear motion generated. The big end of the piston rod is connected by the power end of the clamp and the mud pump to transmit the power; the small end installs the piston, reciprocating linear motion in the cylinder liner, produces the pressure. Piston small, large pressure, small flow; piston large, small pressure, large flow. I can produce F series of drilling pumps and other specifications of the piston rod (metric, British).


Cylinder, also known as the valve box, is the key part of the hydraulic end, made of high quality alloy steel 35CrMo or 40CrMnMo forging, no sandwich, cracks, impurities, loose and over burned defects, not allowed to weld, the product fully in line with API7K standards, And the three-step forging inspection, the product to take heat treatment and internal hardening treatment, to achieve high durability, the wall hardness to HB285-330, mechanical properties can be achieved: σb ≥ 850 / MPC, σS ≥ 670 / MPC, δ ≥ 15% ψ ≥ 13%, the process through rigorous inspection and strict inspection of non-destructive testing. The key parts of the cylinder are: the tapered surface of the suction and discharge valve seat, the valve cover and the serrated thread of the cylinder head.do electroless nickel plating on the surface of the cylinder to enhance its corrosion resistance.