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Development Status Of Mud Pumps At Home And Abroad

May 05, 2017

 Modern mud pump has been developed to high power, large displacement, high pressure. In order to meet the needs of deep oil and gas wells drilling and maximize the return on investment, reduce the maintenance costs of mud pumps to extend the life of wearing parts is the long-term goal of drilling contractors. However, from the application of various types of mud pumps in the drilling industry, the conventional three-cylinder single-acting drilling pump is reliable and easy to maintain, and still dominates. According to statistics, the US mud pump, at working pressure of 20MPa, Metal cylinder life of about 700h; ceramic liner service life of about 2000h; piston service life of about 300h; valve body and seat life of about 900h. Compared with foreign countries, the domestic wear of the main parts of the mud pump, machine technology innovation capacity gap is still quite large.