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Do you know about the storage method of the mud pump?

Aug 09, 2017


Annual maintenance

(1) check the cross head guide is loose, through the outside of the guide plate to adjust the cross between the crosshead and guide the gap,that should meet the requirements.

(2) replacement or removal crankshaft assembly guides, the crosshead can be rotated by 180 °then used.

(3) It is recommended to conduct a full inspection of the entire pump every two or three years. Check the crankshaft main bearing, pinion shaft bearings, connecting rod bearings, cross pin bearing is excessive wear or damage, if you can not continue to use, you have to replace the new bearings.

(4) Check the gear tooth surface wear, if the wear and tear, must be crankshaft and pinion shaft at the same time U-turn installation,so the use of gears are not worn side.

(5) check the back cover, crankshaft end cover, etc. sealed, if necessary, replace the new seal.

(6) check the pump seat anchor bolts on the tightness, if necessary, re-tightened as required.


(1) If the pump time is more than one week, it should be prepared for storage. Before the storage, the mud chamber and the mud in the cylinder liner must be discharged and cleaned. The hydraulic end should be lifted to tilt the pump to the power end, and then the oil in the oil tank and the oil sump will be released and cleaned. Finally remove the oil pan wire plug, install a 90 ° elbow, head down, cover a barbed wire so that air circulation prevents water vapor condensation.

(2) All internal and external work surfaces of all bearings, power terminals and hydraulic ends of the power end must be coated with anti-rust oil before storage. Exposed nozzle application cover closure.

(3) When stored, should be placed in dry and ventilated, and shall not be possible on the flat surface of the water. If put outdoors, should be covered with Pengbu.