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Future opportunities and bonuses

Jan 16, 2017

1, vapor recovery equipment three times: in fact, some cities have started three times the installation of vapour recovery equipment, this is also specified in GB, with the increase of State for the environment, this part is necessary. Equipment manufacturers, what should I do? Equipment dealers what to do? How can you make money from this?

2, online monitoring device for vapor recovery: the country already has a pilot, begin to install vapor recovery line monitoring device, once installed, vapor recovery nozzle operation, will be in the form of data transmission in real time to the relevant departments, in addition, it is also mandatory in GB. But this section needs monitoring device for gas stations to buy, or need someone to install, you know.

3, level gauge: now more and more gas stations, have chosen to start installing liquid level instrument, benefits, there is needless to say. In fact, this is also stated in GB file, for renovation of vapor recovery gas station, the future no longer need hand-holes, but all through the liquid level instrument for monitoring. So, you know.

4, vapor recovery modification detection: as early as a few years ago, part of the provincial environmental protection Bureau has been decentralization, allowing third-party testing agency for oil and gas recovery testing, from the country's policy, also encouraged third-party testing organization detected, many provinces and cities nationwide have begun to do. And strict national standard test times, at least once a year. In other words, if you are testing qualification, then this part of the bonus, you can compete. More filling stations a year testing some provinces.

5, vapor recovery nozzle: with the popularity of detection, especially if the popular on-line monitoring system in the future, because there will be eliminated as part of the existing oil and gas recovery nozzle, vapor recovery nozzle replacement frequency will be higher--for equipment manufacturers and distributors, is also a lot of opportunities.