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Introduction to Wellhead Tools

Jul 18, 2017


The wellhead tool is a tool for wellhead operation on the drill floor. It includes: rings, elevators, kava and safety kava, manual clamp, roller side and so on. It is very important to master and operate the wellhead tools, and the oil workers must deal with them every day during the workplace.


Structure and principle

Ring is a drilling and workover from the column under the hanging column of the dedicated harness tool, requiring strong carrying capacity, impact resistance, light weight, safe and reliable. Hanging on the hook on the hook on both sides of the hook on the hook, the lower hanging on the hanging lug of the elevator. The connection between the rings and the elevators and the hooks is in accordance with SY5288 = 2000.

Hanging ring single arm and arms of two types: arms hanging ring commonly used in shallow wells, carrying capacity of not more than 1350kN. Drilling equipment commonly used are DH1350 and SH1350 two rings.

Single arm hanging ring made by the whole forging, the material used ultra-high strength steel, arms hanging ring by high-quality alloy steel forging and welding. Both rings are carefully heat treated and surface treated with high levels of toughness. The same time as the above-




Elevators are drilled when working, used to directly hang the string of wellhead tools, with hanging rings, different holes hanging different string.

According to the suspension of the column is divided into: drill pipe elevators, casing elevators and tubing elevators;

According to the structure of the hanging card with side open double insurance type, off double insurance and lock ring, lock ring with less.

China's drilling site commonly used CSD group of leather elevators. Mainly by the main body, loose-leaf, cotter pin, lock handle, balance fastening screws, upper and lower locking pin and other components, the bearing steps have a flat step and 18 degrees cone step.


1, side open elevator

    LCD side of the open-type elevators by the main body and the valve and other components. The shutter is connected to the main body through the pin and opens and closes the role of the lifting hole. When the shutter is closed, the upper and lower locking pins are automatically locked with the main body. When opened, press the latch handle and pull it slightly outwards. The upper end of the main body has a double insurance limit block, when the upper end of the bearing, the column to suppress the limit block, the valve can not be opened or closed, only the main surface of the bearing surface without load, limit block can move up and down, The door can switch freely, the limit block to play a security role.

Each set of elevators is fitted with a safety pin, and the rings are fitted into the ear holes on both sides of the main body. Insert the safety pin to prevent the lifting of the rings and ensure the safety of the operation.


2, off the lift card

   Compared with the side of the lift card, off the elevator operation more convenient. Mainly by the main left, the main right, lock, insurance handle, live door, spring and other components. The left and right side of the main body can be linked to the outer side of the ring arm, the lock will be the main left and right button together, through the insurance handle, to ensure that the lock in the process of drilling will not open.


3, the use of elevators

(1) before use, should be placed in dry and ventilated place, so as to avoid product corrosion and damage.

(2) After use, remove the hanging cards on the oil, sludge and other dirt, check for damage, lift the inner ring and the end of the oil should always be lubricated and coated with anti-rust oil, stored in the indoor ventilation and dry place Allows the use of corrosive cleaning agents.


4, note

(2) the use of the temperature of not less than -40 ℃.

(3) does not allow to drop, so that the deformation of the elevator and mechanical damage.

(5) It is forbidden to carry out machining, such as welding, grinding, cutting, drilling and so on.

(6) wear parts of the force more than 1.5mm, should be repaired or stopped using.

(7) Elevators specifications and drill size in line with the load step smooth no serious deformation, wear, loose-leaf sales, insurance pin lubrication, the door buckle flexible, safe and reliable.

(8) from the drill or under the casing must use the insurance bolt and small fill heart, take the elevator when the ban Meng Meng Meng smashed, is strictly prohibited collapse operation.

(9) prohibit the use of overload, prohibit the rope buckle in the elevator pull the weight.

(10) hanging carousel should be avoided when the turntable locking pin and put, so that both ends of the force evenly.