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Market Analysis and Industry Survey Report on China 's Oil Drilling Downhole Tools, 2014-2018

Apr 02, 2017

Booz & Company's "2014-2018 China Petroleum Drilling Downhole Tool Market Analysis and Industry Survey Report" is a total of eleven chapters. Firstly, this paper introduces the concept of China's oil drilling and downhole tool industry, analyzes the development environment of China's oil drilling downhole tool industry, and then analyzes the operation trend of China's oil drilling downhole tool industry. Finally, it analyzes the development of China's oil drilling tool industry Opportunities and development prospects.

Oil drilling downhole tools are used in the development of oilfields. The tools used in downhole operations include a wide range of drilling tools, including drilling tools, cementing tools, workover tools, shock tools, fishing tools, milling tools, oil extraction Tools, etc., for drilling, oil recovery, water injection, logging, completion, gas injection, workover and accident handling.

The production environment of oil drilling tools is complex and varied, working in underground work, high working temperature, strong corrosive; the use of underground tools in the changing situation, the work process failures are usually unable to repair in the well, only Use the column operation; fault point can not see, touched, in the underground difficult to judge, analyze and determine the fault. There are many types of downhole tools, widely distributed, including a large number of mobile downhole tools, and the value of underground tools are generally more expensive. The effective implementation of drilling operations depends on the well-working conditions of underground tools. Therefore, the reliability of oil drilling tools is becoming more and more important. Oil drilling downhole tools are one of the important guarantees for drilling operations in oil field enterprises.

At present, China has a relatively complete oil drilling industry system, master the oil drilling machinery and equipment production technology to meet or close to the international advanced level, the world's oil drilling equipment market, one of the largest producer and exporter. 2012 China's oil drilling downhole tool industry output value reached 11.504 billion yuan than in 2011 increased by 9.54%.

Some of the domestic oil drilling downhole tools rely on imports, foreign imports of equipment there is a long import cycle, expensive, after-sales inconvenience, maintenance and other issues. With the development of China's oil, China's enterprises have been involved in the field of oil drilling downhole tools, and in some common areas in accordance with the requirements of ISO9000 series, the enterprise and technology management. In order to change the underbalanced drilling equipment and tools are dependent on the status of imports, to break the monopoly of foreign products, the formation of their own unique high-quality products and technology, Xinjiang Petroleum Administration Drilling Technology Institute developed FJQ downhole, China's major underbalanced drilling equipment and tools are dependent on the status of imports, so that our country has a whole process of underbalanced technology, a full set of technical equipment, formed with independent intellectual property rights of equipment technology.