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Mud pump in the installation and use of the process should pay attention to what matters

Sep 06, 2017

   We buy back mud pump often after some trouble, so how do I use a mud pump machine? How to install When the product shipped is not a combination of the completion of the machine?Here we will talk about the combination of mud pumps and in order to increase the life of how to use mud pump machine

1, Pump shell, liner, impeller made of non-metallic materials, the installation should be careful not hard to pull hard, bolt torque of 100N.m. 

2, The sand pump in the work site after the fixed, you should first check the prime mover spindle and the pump spindle is the same axis, if the shaft should be accurate adjustment.

3, The pump inlet and outlet piping should be bearing support, to avoid the pipeline gravity applied to the pump. Piping installation should be extended from the pump inlet and outlet flange, and immediately do a good job supporting positioning.


4, Before starting, please check the inlet pipe, outlet pipe is blocked, before and after the bearing chamber filled with butter, check the packing is full.

5, The sand pump work should be equipped with high pressure water pump, the pressure will be greater than the sand pump pressure to the leak-proof filler, the filler protection, the pump must not turn off the pump, otherwise, will make the seal part of the rapid wear and tear.

6, Impeller and the gap between the guard is reasonable, great impact on the life of the sand pump. The gap is unreasonable, the pump running vibration and noise, over flow parts quickly damaged, so replace the impeller, the gap should be paid to meet the requirements of the drawings, gap adjustment, through the rear bearing body on the adjustment screw to carry out.

7, The pump allows the suction is measured in the delivery of water, in the suction of sand should take into account the impact of sediment on the ability to absorb.

8, Assembly, removal of the pump, should be strictly in accordance with the process to operate.

9, Regularly to the shaft before and after the bearing chamber filled with butter.

10, The pump in the work of abnormal vibration, noise and bearing temperature rise is too high, it should stop check