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Oil and gas recovery reform environment

Jan 16, 2017

Briefly talk about a petrol filling station vapour recovery environment.

With the increased national investment for environmental protection (because what we all know), gas stations around the country, have basically completed the recovery reconstruction, whether it be Sinopec gas station in CNOOC, or social.

But most of the now completed, is only a secondary vapor recovery and reconstruction, some distance away from the national standards and future trends.

Grasp the trends

A lot of things in the country, especially in the oil industry, gas stations, and its development trends, there are certain rules to follow.

Is the national standard, which is our common GB/GBT, which is the standard of the whole gas station construction and renovation.

Second is from a world perspective, now basically have formed, Beijing for Europe, meaning that any advanced things, something worthy of universal, is the first came from Europe, and Beijing will be the first to learn from Europe's cities.

Then there is the national capital, early recovery transformation is from Beijing to start, then turn around fast radiation eventually expanded across the country.

And because some equipment makers see it, actively participate in the vapor recovery nozzle, oil and gas recovery pump and other equipment on the production, ready prepared, in oil and gas recovery suixin began when widespread popularity, made a lot of dividends.

Of course, also includes some equipment dealers and builders.