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Rotary joints to maintain?

Jan 16, 2017

1, rotating drum and pipe joints should be maintained clean. New equipment should pay particular attention to and, if necessary, add filters to avoid foreign bodies on the Rotary joints caused by abnormal wear.

2, due to prolonged use will cause the rotation of the machine connector inside the scale and rust, please note that further use will be stuck or leaks.

3, with oiling device oil on a regular basis, and ensure that the swivel bearing reliability of operation.

4, medium temperature Rotary joints should be gradually to avoid temperature changes.

5, check the wear of the sealing surface and thickness changes (normal wear for 5--10MM), observe the sealing surface of the friction path to see if the three point intermittent or occurs, scratches and other problems, if there is a situation, and should be replaced immediately.

6, Rotary joints with care, no impact, so as not to damage the connector component.

7, entering the rotary joint is strictly prohibited.

8, rotate the connector not idling for a long time.