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You have to look at the troubleshooting of the mud pump

May 25, 2017

The troubleshooting of the mud pump is as follows:

Folding pump vibration


★ reason: pump shaft and diesel engine (or motor) is not heart, impeller imbalance, bearing is damaged;


★ solution: adjust the concentricity, impeller balance test, replace the bearing.


Folding pump water is slow


★ reasons: the front liner of the mud pump and impeller in the middle of a large gap, the water pipe can not seal the air;


★ solution: adjust the gap, adjust the water pipes, install the vacuum device.


Folding pump does not absorb water


★ reasons: irrigation water is not enough, the air can not be discharged, suction pipe leak, the front liner and the impeller has a large gap;


★ the original solution: continue to pour water, check the pipeline is leak, adjust the impeller and the front liner clearance.


Folding water pressure


Pressure is small, the flow is small


★ reason: the pump has air, impeller and the front liner has a large gap, the clutch is not tight, impeller or liner wear;


★ solution: emptying the pump gas, adjust the gap to adjust the clutch friction plate gap, replace the impeller or liner.


Folding pump being worn fast


★ reasons: the construction environment (large particles) poor, far distance transport, water pipe length;


★ solution: change the battlefield, add the unit to shorten the length of the inlet pipe to reduce cavitation.


Impeller shaft of the mud pump is damaged


★ reasons: high-pressure pump head low, the location of confusion, the pump shaft and the back cover center is different;


★ solution: replace the pump head higher than the high-pressure pump, replace the packing, adjust the concentricity.