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3NB Type Mud Pump Product Introduction And Structural Characteristics

Aug 01, 2017

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3NB type mud pump product introduction

3NB mud pump for oil and other industrial and mining enterprises drilling, cementing, workover and other operations. Used to transport mud, clay glue, mortar and other media. The pump has the advantages of advanced structure, reliable use, good inhalation performance, long service life of consumable parts, good interchangeability and easy maintenance.

Structural Characteristics of 3NB Type Mud Pump

1, the structure is strong, compact, small size, the use of good performance, to adapt to the oil field high pump pressure, large displacement drilling process requirements. The same time as

2, stroke long, keep in use at lower rush. Effectively improve the mud pump on the water performance, extend the life of wearing parts. Inhaled air bag structure is advanced, the use of reliable, can make the suction pipeline to achieve excellent buffer effect. The same time as

3, the power end of the use of forced lubrication and splash lubrication combined with lubrication, lubrication and reliable, an increase of the power side of the service life.


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