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Analysis On Wear Characteristics Of Wear Parts Of Mud Pump

Aug 14, 2017

Mud pumps in the drilling work, the mud as a drilling fluid, they have a corrosive, in the high pressure flow, the pump parts have a lot of wear and tear, in order to be able to extend the life of the mud pump wearing parts,It is necessary to analyze the damage process and cause of the mud pump wearing parts, and take effective measures to solve, so as to improve the comprehensive benefit of drilling work.


First, the liner mud pump wearing parts of the piston and wear characteristics

Cylinder liners and pistons are the most damaging parts of the reciprocating pump, and the combination of the two is in the form of a hard and soft material for the purpose of achieving a reliable seal. Pistons are made of flexible soft materials (such as synthetic rubber), while the cylinder is made of harder materials (carbon steel and other quenching) made. This structure is mainly in the form of piston first bad, when they wear loss after sealing, so that the pump (row) the amount of decline, or even work, you must promptly replace the repair process, in order to restore the pump's ability and make the pump to work.

Second, the mud pump wear parts of the valve and valve seat wear characteristics

Reciprocating pump valves and seats are also a defective part, its life is shorter than the piston or cylinder, any one of the damage will make the pump can not work properly or simply can not work.

Valve damage is mainly the valve and the seal between the valve seat failure, sealing surface puncture. The reason for the damage is generally considered to be two aspects: one is when the valve in the normal state of work, drilling fluid containing cuttings will be a certain law and energy flow through the seat ring gap, and constantly brushing the valve Seat and the valve joint surface, over time, the combination of surface scratches and grooves, the formation of the seal is not strict; the second is when the valve is off, the seat joints continue to bear the impact load, so the combination of the surface will be the impact fatigue broken scar, which destroyed the seal between the valve seat, there is a small "spike".