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China's Petroleum Equipment Manufacturing Entered A Green Era

Jan 22, 2018

    Our team reversed the loss of the 70-type rig for two consecutive years by leveraging the electric-generation oil drilling rig." On February 24, Feng Xian, captain of 70101 Great Wall Drilling and Drilling Co., Ltd., stated to staff when he took stock of last year's accounts. Electric generation oil rig not only energy saving and environmental protection, but also reduce costs, the average cost per drilling rig 420,000 yuan. Up to now, a total of 281 wells have been drilled in the second drilling company to use electric oil-replacing equipment, saving more than 6,300 tons of diesel oil.

    This is a microcosm of China's oil equipment manufacturing business implementing a green development strategy and achieving energy conservation and environmental protection. In recent years, PetroChina has promoted energy-saving and emission reduction projects through equipment development projects such as electric oil substitution and gas substitution, and injected "green blood" into China's petroleum equipment.

China's petrochemical industry is a major emitter in the industrial field in the country and also a major emitter in the industrial field in the "12th Five-Year Plan" period. Petroleum and petrochemical equipment as a key factor restricting corporate energy-saving emission reduction, with considerable potential for energy-saving emission reduction. To this end, the state has promulgated a number of policies to support the development of green equipment such as energy saving and environmental protection, calling on enterprises to speed up the transition to green development by strengthening technological innovation and technological innovation with the least resources, the lowest cost and the lowest emission.


    PetroChina clearly proposed to create high-end, green, international equipment manufacturing business development goals, to further strengthen the energy saving and emission reduction advantages, to achieve the product structure from traditional manufacturing to green manufacturing transformation. In 2012, CNPC completed the development of special products such as natural gas applications and equipment and screened a number of key structural adjustment projects to promote the widespread use of clean energy such as natural gas in the oil and gas production area. In the upgrading of superior products, PetroChina made it clear that it is necessary to speed up the upgrading of traditional superior products, phase out products with high energy consumption and heavy pollution, and realize the green development of China's petroleum equipment.

    In the field of oil and gas drilling, Gemomechanics actively participated in the electric generation oil project and stepped up the development of industrial power grid-driven drilling rigs. The products cover various electric drive rigs ranging from 5,000m to 12,000m, which can reduce the fuel and oil consumption by 20% More than 45%. In the project of "Gasification Drilling Rig", JCH Power Plant combined with the actual gas power generation products developed by the oil field to turn the gas well associated with the wellhead of the oilfield into a treasure, and more than 1,000 sets of units serve all the oil recovery operation zones in the country each year Can reduce associated gas emissions 700 million cubic meters.

    In the field of oil refining and chemical industry, Bohai Sea equipment developed YL series of gas turbine, the maximum power up to 40,000 kilowatts. The product can not only reduce emissions of flue gas pollutants, there are obvious energy-saving effect, a 30,000 kilowatts of smoke machine can save more than 200 million kwh annually. In 2012, the "Top Ten Energy-Saving Weapon" developed by Bohai Power Equipment Co., Ltd., including the gas turbine, saved more than 1.2 billion kWh of energy for domestic refineries and chemical companies. In addition, Ji Chai Power Plant actively into the water to gas in the field of oil, LNG-fueled series of marine engines and power integration covering 1,000 tons to 10,000 tons of ships power demand in the Yangtze River in Wuhan and Wuhu, Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal and Pearl River four At the same time, eight vessels started demonstration of LNG powered ships.

     In 2013, PetroChina will continue to make growth and strategic equipment manufacturing operations such as application of atmospheric and oil substitutes. With emphasis on priorities, easing difficulties ahead and steadily advancing, PetroChina will continue to increase R & D and promotion of green equipment and focus on strengthening the large bore Natural gas engines, three pumping system integrated energy-saving technology research, natural gas compressors and other five technologies and equipment research. To gasification of the Yangtze River shipping as a breakthrough, and strive to build LNG production, receiving and storage of key equipment independent manufacturing capacity. With shale gas as its focus, it will seek new breakthroughs in the field of unconventional natural gas development and equipment.

    Zhou Shiyan, deputy director of the Scientific and Technological Information Office of China National Petroleum Equipment Manufacturing Branch, said that this year China's petroleum equipment manufacturing business will give full play to the power of science and technology. The investment in scientific research will tilt to green equipment research and development and is expected to increase by about 15% over last year. In addition, the upgrading of old products will also be directed at improving energy efficiency and energy conservation. Starting from the scientific research, manufacturing and marketing sectors, green equipment will become a new growth point for China's petroleum equipment manufacturing industry as soon as possible.