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Cylinder Liner Classification Common Mud Pump Cylinder Liner Below Several Types

Jul 06, 2017

Single metal cylinder liner, bimetallic cylinder liner, ceramic cylinder liner, nickel-based alloy cylinder liner.

Single metal cylinder liner

Single metal cylinder liner is carburizing and high frequency processing, the hardness can reach HRC58-62, with high finish, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, long service life characteristics, suitable for use in the more mild corrosive mud.

Bimetallic Cylinder Liner

Bimetallic cylinder liner is currently the most widely used, but also the largest amount of mud pump one of the hydraulic end fittings. Bimetallic cylinder liner combines the advantages of hot forging high wear jacket and high chrome wear and corrosion resistant inner jacket. The jacket is made of high quality carbon steel by hot pressing, and the inner sleeve is made by centrifugal casting with high chrome cast iron, 900000psi tensile strength, the jacket after the heat treatment to HRC62 above the hardness, can withstand 7000psi mud pressure, the smooth surface of the mirror, the hole size tolerance, the normal life of up to 800 hours or more.


F series mud pump is characterized by compact structure, small size, good running performance. Can meet the oil field drilling technical requirements, such as pump high pressure, large displacement and so on.The series of mud pumps are widely used in oil and other industrial and mining enterprises drilling, operations and so on.

2 mud pump cylinder liner processing process

Jackets: Inspection of raw materials ---- Outer blank processing ---- rough car outside the corridor ---- rough inside the hole (and the jacket for hot) ---- boring hole - --- fine grinding ---- fine car

Inner sleeve: Centrifugal casting ---- Annealing ---- Rough car corridor ---- rough inside the hole ---- semi-precision carurized ---- refractory ---- non-destructive testing --- - Hot pack (with jacket hot pack)

3 installation should pay attention to matters

First: it is strictly forbidden to throw, beat, impact mud pump cylinder liner, if you need to put down the cylinder liner operations, to be slow.

Second: the installation must ensure that the metal part of the mud pump piston and mud cylinder liner as far as possible without partial wear phenomenon, if there is partial grinding phenomenon, need to be corrected as soon as possible.

Third: it is strictly prohibited with hammer and other heavy objects directly hit the cylinder, beating must be padded with wood and other materials, gently beat to play a buffer role.

Fourth: the equipment in the winter 0 ℃ below a long time to stop when the suction should be let go of the mud in the room to prevent the mud icing rupture mud pump liner lining.