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Do You Know This Wellhead Tool?

Jul 25, 2017



Hanging clamp is divided into external forceps and internal forceps, working with each other, mainly used for drilling, under the casing operation, the unloading drill with a button and buckle.



According to buckle drilling tool size points: B-type hanging clamp and casing clamp;

According to the way of operation points: manual clamp and hydraulic clamp.

 At present, the domestic site commonly used B-type clamp and hydraulic clamp. B-type clamp size range φ88.9 ~ φ298.4mm, with the replacement of the clamp method can be unloaded different sizes of the tube.


3, Large clamp classification

The clamp is the main tool to connect the drill string. At present, we use the manual clamp of the wellhead. There are DB clamp, SDD clamp, B type large and C type clamp.

DB clamp: the main working size 3-½ "to 8-¼", increase the clamp to 17 "

Torque range: 3-½ "to 8-¼": 65000ft-lb, 8 "to 17": 40000ft-lb

SDD clamp: the main working size 4 "to 8-½", increase the clamp to 17 "

Type B Clamp: Mainly used for casing shackles, size range 3- ½ "to 13-3 / 8", up to 25-½ "

C-type clamp: This is a portable clamp, size range 2- 3/8 "to 10-¾", maximum torque: 35000ft-lb


4, Maintenance use

1) keep the boom flexible, easy to level;

2) the valve is flexible, safe and reliable, with sufficient flexibility;

3) the clamp after the installation of flexible hinge, safe sales complete;

4) teeth wear the original height of 1/4 should be replaced when the new dental plate;

5) activities often refueling maintenance;

6) hanging clamp hanging rope as high as possible;


5, Note

⑴ should choose the appropriate 5 # clamp to ensure that the size of the buckle with the drilling tool size.

⑵ hanging clamp should be hit in the drill pipe joints, upper and lower clamp, respectively, from the joint sealing surface 30 ~ 50mm, inside and outside the clamp angle between 45 ° ~ 90 °. When the buckle is attached, the outer forceps are on the inner clamp.

⑶ replace the clamp teeth can not be aligned wellhead, and to prevent injury to the fingers or clamp teeth fell off injured.

⑷ playing pliers, the fingers do not put on the 3 # long pliers, 4 # between the short clamp to prevent the crowded fingers


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