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Drilling Equipment According To The Size Of The Drill

Aug 29, 2017

drilling equipment According to the size of the drill

How the drilling machine works

Along with the development of the era, drill is widely used in drilling equipment in the industry, because of its many advantages, is popular among businessmen and enterprises, there are many types of the workings of a drill, we have to drill rock drill as an example to you talk about the way to work. Here are some of the working methods of the drilling machine.

1) pan cone. Rotate the cutting layer using the taper drill of the pan. According to the size of the drill, large pot cone and small pot cone can be driven by human or power. The cuttings of cuttings fall into the pot and lift to the ground, zhengzhou travel agency. Its structure is simple, efficacy is low, suitable for general soil or sandy pebble soil layer. The drill depth is 80 ~ 100 meters and the large pot is 30 ~ 40 meters.

Rotary mud washing rotary drilling rig. It consists of tower, hoist, rotary, drilling tool, mud pump, faucet and motor. In the operation, the engine drives the rotary disc through the drive device, which is driven by the active drill pipe to rotate the rock fracture. There are positive and negative cycles. In the work of the circular drilling rig, the hole rock debris is taken out of the wellhead through the ring channel outside the drill pipe, and the mud flow back to the mud pool for recycling after the sedimentation tank is deposited. Reverse circulation drilling machine is working, mud after settling basin precipitation from the mouth of the well to flow into the bottom hole, carrying cuttings of mud by sand pump through a bit nozzle through the suction pipe inner cavity up well, back to the sink to the tank. The drilling rig has a high rise velocity in the drill pipe, the ability of discharging cuttings and pebbles is strong, the drilling speed is fast, and it is suitable for the loose formation of soil layer, sand layer and pebble diameter less than the diameter of the drill pipe. The depth of the drill is generally within 150 meters.

Rotary drill-type drilling rig. Replace the mud pump with air compressor on rotary rotary drill and use compressed air instead of mud. Generally, the reverse circulation method is adopted, and the gas lift countercirculation is also called. It is suitable for dry areas with deep well and water shortage, and cold - belt permafrost.

Hydraulic power head drill. The hydraulic motor is driven by the reducer and replaces the rotating disc and faucet on the rotary rig with the power head moving up and down along the tower, driving the drill pipe and the drill bit. Large diameter Wells can be drilled.

The above is the relevant information of the drilling machine working style, you have a closer understanding of the drilling machine! If you have a drilling machine, please contact us.