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Drilling Equipment Adapt To A Variety Of Environments And Process Technologies

Aug 14, 2017

drilling equipment Adapt to a variety of environments and process technologies

Since the 21st century, domestic and foreign research and improvement, development and innovation of a variety of new oil rig, the emergence of many new structures, new technologies. In recent years, in order to adapt to shallow sea, beach, desert and hills and other different areas of oil and gas exploration and development, the United States, China, Germany, France, Canada, Italy, Mexico and Romania and other countries have developed various types of oil rig. At home and abroad in the top drive rig, small borehole oil rig, casing drilling rig, hydraulic drilling rig, automatic drilling rig and rig supporting technology has developed rapidly, some technology has entered the practical stage. In the future, the development of oil rigs are: First, the rapid development of specialized rigs. Such as adapt to a variety of environmental and technological development of the desert rig, marine drilling rigs, inclined drilling rigs, small borehole drilling rigs, deep drilling rigs, continuous drilling rigs. Second, the scale of the direction of polarization to the development. Deep well oil rigs tend to be large (1500m, MAX12500kN), light drilling machine tends to miniaturization (vehicle-based). Third, the rig control to achieve automation, intelligent. Top drive, disc brake technology gradually mature, electric control technology, hydraulic drive technology and reliability gradually increased. Fourth, vigorously develop new oil rigs, the use of human design, advanced mechanical automation, efficient rig operation and monitoring system, modular device to improve the rig migration, and ultimately to improve drilling efficiency, greatly reduce the cost of drilling The

 The management and maintenance of oil drilling rigs is of particular importance to most oil companies. It is relevant to the normal operation of oil companies. The management and maintenance of these equipment must take full account of the actual characteristics of petroleum enterprises. It is necessary to fully implement the relevant management practices, and strengthen the operation of the equipment and management personnel communication and feedback. If we can do a good job in the supervision and inspection work, this supervision and inspection norms into the daily management of enterprises to go, and gradually form a system, the only way to make our oil companies have been healthy development.