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Drilling Equipment Automatic Reversing Device

Jul 05, 2017

Drilling equipment Automatic reversing device

High precision tapping stroke adjustment is simple, automatic reversing device can freely adjust the tapping stroke, shallow holes and perforated low parts can also be easily adjusted, double safety device to prevent damage (damage), spindle rotation and up and down , Advance and retreat knife special double safety clutch, the spindle can automatically stop, reverse the knife will not damage the tool.

Tooth pitch A, B gear with A, B shaft and spindle according to the distance from the propulsion fully complete, vertical stability, precision, precision is particularly high, the screw tapping forward and backward do not have to work can be free. While at the same time determined by the excellent processing of goods, will not cause the thickness of different threads, for thin and light metal, synthetic resin and other soft products can also attack the perfect thread. At the same time can also be configured multi-axis multi-axis synchronous processing, production efficiency greatly improved.

1, the spindle forward and backward knife is automatically according to the distance between the teeth, the work will not float.

2, the operator's hands can be free to leave the machine.

3, can be used for high-speed continuous operation, durable.

4, beginners can also be a smooth operation.

5, high precision tapping stroke adjustment is simple.

6, double safety clutch device to prevent damage to the wire attack.

7, multi-axis tapping machine can produce high-efficiency operation.

Automatic tapping machine operation is very simple, a variety of tapping machine operation are different, today's gear-type tapping machine operation with how to improve the stability of the automatic tapping machine to share with you from the automatic attack Teeth of the various aspects of speaking.

The first feeding part (vibration plate) to ensure that the shape of the product uniform, long and short appearance tolerance can not be too far too far, the product surface is best washed, can not have too much oil, too much oil greatly affected the vibration plate Feeding stability. In addition the product can not contain debris, iron, into the vibration plate before the best screening.

The second part of the clamping part of the fixture before doing the best measurement of the appearance of several products, as far as possible to ensure that the fixture with the product with the effect of the best use of the fixture with the material to ensure the durability of the fixture, the mechanical Stability will be greatly improved.

The third part of the tapping part to ensure that the spindle center of the product with the product center of the hole uniform, the center must be aligned, or a serious impact on the life of the tap with the processing thread quality, try to use squeeze taps, Processing of the stability of the tapping machine will undoubtedly have a great improvement. Tapping must add tapping special oil, the durability of the tap has a very significant effect.

There are many types of tapping machine, there are electric drill tapping machine, a desktop drill tapping machine, a lathe-type tapping machine, there are pneumatic tapping machine, there are hydraulic tapping machine and multi-axis tapping Machine, a vibration plate of the tapping machine, a fully automatic tapping machine, a wide range, do you think now the most suitable tapping machine is what? That depends on what you are doing.

First look at the size of the product to determine the tapping:

First, if less than M2 teeth, then use the vibration plate of the tapping machine

Second, if the range of M3-12 teeth, that there are a variety of options, if in order to save costs can choose desktop drilling machine, low cost, but no torque protection, tap easy to break, low efficiency. If in order to save human resources, you can choose pneumatic tapping machine, high efficiency, casually move, would like to attack there to attack there, very light, and there are torque protection, you can protect the tap constantly. If they are the same product model can choose multi-axis tapping machine, he can attack a number of teeth at one time, but the cost is high, the use is not so convenient.