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Drilling Equipment Circulatory System

Sep 28, 2017

drilling equipment Circulatory system

Drilling equipment, the main structural system of circular information for everyone to elaborate, so that we have more understanding of it:

In order to drill down the bottom of the drill bit in time to carry on the ground in order to continue drilling, and in order to cool the drill to protect the wall, to prevent wells and other wells drilled well occurred, rotary drilling machine equipped with a circulatory system.

Drilling equipment circulation system includes drilling pump, ground pipe, mud tank, mud purification equipment, etc., including ground pipe sink, including high pressure pipe, riser, hose, mud purification equipment, including shaker, desander, Centrifuges and so on.

Drilling pump The mud is sucked from the mud tank and pressurized by the drilling pump. After the high pressure pipe, riser, hose, into the faucet, through the hollow drill down to the bottom of the hole, , Through the borehole and drilling between the ring space to carry the cuttings to return to the ground, from the bottom of the mud by the mud at all levels of purification equipment, remove the solid content, and then re-use.

Drilling equipment, the main structural information of the circulatory system for everyone to introduce here, we hope to be able to help, more information on drilling equipment, will continue to organize, please pay attention. Oil machinery

The shell of the drilling equipment is mainly cast steel and steel plate welded structure, the base for the cast steel, after roughing with the steel plate to form a shell, and then by the overall annealing to eliminate stress after finishing, on its specific outstanding performance What, then for everyone to elaborate on:

1, four diesel engines + coupled with the car + belt and the form of the drive drive winch and mud pump, a reasonable allocation of power to save operating costs;

2, within the variable speed winch, pneumatic control, easy to operate;

3, can be equipped with automatic pressure fan and energy-saving generators;

4, with hydraulic moving rail;

5, the main brake has a hydraulic disc brake and brake with two forms, auxiliary brake for the electromagnetic eddy current brake;

6, modular design, universal shaft connection, easy disassembly.

Drilling equipment is the main performance of these highlights, we must follow the instructions for the correct operation, the only way to make its performance is fully demonstrated, more information on drilling equipment, will continue to organize, please pay attention.