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Drilling Equipment Drilling Deck

Jun 07, 2017

Drilling equipment - Belly board & Finger board Strictly speaking, Belly board and Finger board seem more like a structure, but it has a part of the moving parts. what are they? What is the use? We have learned that in order to improve the efficiency of drilling, drilling workers will be three drill pipe (also called a stand) first connected to the vertical on the drilling deck on a region, this area called setback area. Now a question came out, the drill pipe and casing is cylindrical, if so lean on the derrick, certainly very easy to fall, there are injuries. How to do? First of all, we will think that if the drill pipe or casing of the upper fixed, then it will not fall. So how fixed it, and fixed, they also easy to take out?


Belly board and the finger board is different, their location is different, belly board position lower, just to be able to jam the pipe in the "abdomen", the image of the name. Finger board is stuck in the "neck" of stand. I'm still wondering why it's not called Neck board. Obviously, they mainly have the following components:

1, the structure part of the figure in addition to the "red finger" of the white part, it played to support the drill pipe, install the finger. 

2, Finger, "mechanical fingers", which are driven by a small cylinder, the spring is closed. You can look at the following pictures, for reference only.

3, solenoid valve group control system.


In addition to the drill pipe used, similar to this structure is also used to jam the other vertical placed cylindrical objects, such as casing casing, riser riser. Their names are called Finger board Drilling Equipment - Swivel & Top driver What is swivel? As we have already known, the wire rope passes through the fixed pulley block and the moving pulley block, so that the pulley block can move freely up and down. But the problem came out, vertical and vertical can be very convenient movement, but we drilling, but also need to rotate the force, that is, the drill pipe is rotating. Our pulley group can not be followed by the turn, otherwise the wire rope is expected to be twisted like twist. This is one of the swivel's role, and we also know that the drilling needs drilling fluid, try to think about where the drill pipe is spinning at high speed, how do we send the drilling fluid to the hollow space of the drill pipe The This is another important role for swivel - the first passage of mud into the drill pipe. As shown below, mud by high pressure hose - goosen neck goose neck - into swivel.