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Drilling Equipment Mainly Prominent

Oct 20, 2017

drilling equipment Mainly prominent

The shell of the oil rig is mainly cast steel and steel plate welded structure, the base for the cast steel, after roughing and steel plate welded to form a shell, and then by the overall annealing to eliminate stress after finishing, on its specific outstanding performance What, then for everyone to elaborate on:

1, four diesel engines + coupled with the car + belt and the form of the drive drive winch and mud pump, a reasonable allocation of power to save operating costs;

2, within the variable speed winch, pneumatic control, easy to operate;

3, can be equipped with automatic pressure fan and energy-saving generators;

4, with hydraulic moving rail;

5, the main brake has a hydraulic disc brake and brake with two forms, auxiliary brake for the electromagnetic eddy current brake;

6, modular design, universal shaft connection, easy disassembly.

Oil rigs is the main performance of these highlights, we must follow the instructions for the correct operation, the only way to make its performance is fully demonstrated, more information on the oil rig, will continue to organize, please pay attention. "To be good at work, we must first of its profits," the so-called device that is the general term also. People designed a very advanced ground equipment, if not equipped with the corresponding underground equipment, equipment can not play a good function of the machine with a good cutting tool to work out the high precision, high efficiency parts. The drill bit, which affects the efficiency of the oil rig, serves as a tool for drilling rigs. It not only has the ability to cut the formation well, but also consumes less power, achieves faster cutting speeds, and also holds the slag container. Not only that, but also a good drill bit in the frequent lifting process to produce the least resistance, in particular, must have the process of raising the smallest suction action, the decline in the process to produce as little as possible the pressure. At the same time, but also have the ability to reliably lock the bottom cover after filling the slag, and in the slag when it can automatically or by gravity to easily unlock the slag. Drill bit cutting in the cutting process will be worn, the design of the drill bit when cutting teeth to choose good wear resistance, high bending strength of the material, and damage can be quickly restored or replaced. However, people tend to focus only on the ground equipment of the big pressure, high torque, big upgrade, the ability to ignore our work object - cutting loader. As the modern rotary drilling rig for the hole in the rotary drilling and drilling for the excavator for vertical excavation of the ground drill in the size, size, shape exactly the same, modern rotary drilling rig with "classical" cutting capacity of the drilling teeth, Making its efficient construction advantages failed to fully play. I suggest that the relevant departments or manufacturers to vigorously strengthen the drill bucket teeth material, shape, specifications, drilling arrangement, cutting angle, the bucket volume, structure and other research, the rotary excavation efficiency to a new height.