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Drilling Equipment Processing Holes In Solid Materials

Jun 22, 2017

Drilling Equipment Processing holes in solid materials

Generally refers to the drilling is the drill bit in the physical material on the hole out of the operation. Here are the drilling work in the exploration work, as well as the drilling tools and some of the emergency measures and methods.

With a drill bit in the physical material processing hole called drilling. A variety of parts of the hole processing, remove part of the car, boring, milling and other machine tools to complete, a large part of the fitter is the use of drilling and drilling tools (drill, reaming drill, reamer, etc.) completed. In the case of drilling on the drilling machine, under normal circumstances, the drill should be completed at the same time two movements; the main movement, that is, the drill around the axis of the rotary motion (cutting movement); auxiliary movement, that drill bit along the axis direction of the workpiece linear motion ( Feed movement), drilling, mainly due to the existence of the shortcomings of the drill bit structure, affecting the processing quality, processing accuracy is generally below the IT10 level, surface roughness Ra12.5μm or so, is rough.


Operating characteristics

1, drill bit high speed.

2, serious friction, heat difficulties, heat, cutting temperature is high.

3, cutting a large amount of chips difficult, easy to produce vibration.

4, drill rigidity and accuracy are poor, so the drilling accuracy is low, the general size of the accuracy of IT11 ~ IT10, roughness Ra100 ~ 25.

Drilling with the fixture for drilling fixture mainly includes the drill fixture and workpiece fixture two.

1, drill fixture: commonly used drill chuck and drill sets.

(1) drill chuck: suitable for clamping straight handle bit. The drill chuck is a conical surface that can be fitted with the bore of the drill spindle. The three claws of the head can be opened or closed by means of a tightening wrench.

(2) Drill sleeve: also known as transition sleeve, used to install the taper shank bit. Drill hole at one end of the hole to install the drill, the other end of the cone outside the drill hole within the spindle hole.

2, the workpiece fixture: commonly used folder with Taiwan vise, flat nose pliers, V-shaped iron and pressure plate, and so on. The workpiece must be firmly and reliably clamped, but it is not allowed to tighten the workpiece too tightly, or to distort the workpiece to affect the quality of the drilling (especially the thin-walled workpieces and small workpieces).

Second, the type of drilling pile equipment Drilling holes into the hole can be divided into the impact of drilling, rotary drilling and rotary drilling. Commonly used rigs for construction are impact rigs, rotary drilling rigs and rotary drilling rigs. 

1, the impact of drilling rig drilling is mainly applied to eggs (bleaching) stone, rock drilling. The main equipment and equipment are divided into two categories: one for the impact of drilling the entire set of equipment, itself with a drill, lifting and impact equipment; a class with a clutch with a two-cylinder hoist composed of simple impact drill The drill rig consists of a simple bar. According to the mud of the cycle, the impact drill can be divided into the impact of circular drilling and the impact of reverse circulation drilling.

2, rotary drilling machine rotary drilling can be divided into positive circulation rotary drilling, reverse circulation rotary drilling. It is characterized by different ways of mud circulation, into the mud for the positive circulation, pumping mud for the reverse circulation. Regular circulation for clay, silt, fine, medium, coarse sand and other soil layer; reverse circulation for clay, sandy soil, sand and gravel and weathered rock layer, but the pebble diameter should not exceed the diameter of the drill pipe 2 / 3, and the content is not greater than 20%.