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Drilling Equipment Reverse Circulation

Sep 20, 2017

drilling equipment Reverse circulation

The use of drilling rigs in large well drilling projects greatly improves the speed and efficiency of drilling, especially in remote areas. The use of such equipment is more extensive. Many friends are not very understanding, the following for everyone to be a detailed description.

So how does the drilling machine work?

Drilling machine work is pumped reverse circulation. Its working principle is: under the action of atmospheric pressure, the circulating fluid from the sedimentation tank through the backwater along the well hole ring flow to the bottom of the hole, because at this time the turntable drive drill pipe, driven drill bit to drill, The debris mud is sucked into the driller lumen by a negative pressure pumped by the mud pump, then rises to the faucet, is discharged into the sedimentation tank through the mud pump, and the circulating liquid continues to flow into the wellbore, so that the cycle is repeated The drilling work.

The mud or water enters from the drill pipe and flows out of the wellhead. For the circular drilling machine. The mud or water is sucked from the drill pipe and flows from the wellhead. For reverse circulation drilling machine. Positive and negative circulation refers to the drilling fluid (mud or water) in the drilling machine in the way that the drilling machine drill bit in the drilling will produce when the production of slag, slag, etc., through the positive and negative cycle can be mud by the slag To the ground, and then through the sedimentation tank after the mud and then back to the drilling. This non-stop cycle, and finally into the hole. Reverse circulation can bring out larger diameter slag.

How the Drilling Machine Works

① air washing rotary drum drilling machine. In the turntable rotary drilling machine with air compressor instead of mud pump, with compressed air instead of mud washing wells. Usually used reverse circulation, also known as air lift reverse circulation. It is suitable for arid and cold permafrost layers with large depth and water shortage. YZJ-200Y automatic hydraulic drilling machine

② hydraulic power head drilling rig. Driven by the hydraulic motor through the reducer, and along the tower to move up and down the power head instead of turntable drilling machine turntable and faucet, drilling drilling drill and drill bit rotation cutting rock. YZJ-180Y automatic hydraulic drilling machine

③ pot cone. Rotate the cutting soil layer with its pot cone. According to the size of the drill, respectively, said large pot cone and small pot cone, can be driven by human or power. Cut the soil fell into the pot, raised to the ground unloading. Its structure is simple, low efficiency, suitable for general soil or sandy pebble soil layer. YZJ-150Y automatic hydraulic drilling machine

④ DTH vibration rotary drilling rig. The rock is drilled in a combination of vibration and rotary motion. Drill by the drill, vibrator, vibration absorber and guide tube and other components. The vibrating force generated by the drilling vibrator causes the entire drill to move as a taper to break the rock. The use of compressed air reverse circulation way, so that cuttings through the catheter and drill pipe cavity out of the well.