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Drilling Equipment Rotating System Equipment

Oct 31, 2017

drilling equipment Rotating system equipment

First, the drilling machine rotating system equipment and related tools are mainly used for drilling rig rotary wells in the drill, thus driving the drilling machine drill bit broken rock. Mainly by the drilling machine turntable, faucet, the top drive drilling rig drilling device, drilling machine drill rod and drill bit composition. At the same time, drilling machine drill rods and drill bits also play the role of circulating high pressure drilling fluid. Drilling machine turntable and top drive equipment are the core of the rotating system, the rig of the three working units of the rig.

Second, the main role of the drilling equipment and tools machine circulating systems forced circulation of drilling fluid drilling machine, cleaned bottom, carrying cuttings, maintaining wellbore and to provide high pressure power fluid screw hole, turbodrill. Mainly by the drilling rig mud pump, manifold pressure surface drilling machine, the drilling machine and the drilling fluid solids control equipment deployment device and other components of drilling rigs circulation pump is one of the core system, the drilling rig the three machines working machine. The main function of the drilling machine is:

1, access to underground material, from the bottom to obtain cuttings, cores, water, oil, natural gas and so on.

2, as a geophysical logging channel, access to rock in a variety of geophysical field data, such as for underground military tests.

3, as a manual channel, observation of the formation of hydrology, minerals and geological structure and other purposes.

4, integrated application, exploration and recovery phase, the development of underground resources use. Mechanical drilling is common in engineering applications can drill into the formation a kind of mechanical equipment cylindrical aperture having a certain depth, the rock crushing machinery according to the methods and tools of different types, and can be divided into cable tool drilling rotation. In the geological work, the use of drilling equipment to the ground into a smaller diameter, the depth of the larger cylindrical holes. Also known as drilling. Drilling diameter and depth size, depending on drilling use and mineral burial depth. Drilling oil, natural gas and groundwater drilling diameter are larger.

 The main function of drilling machinery is: access to underground material, that is, from the drilling to take the core, mining heart, cuttings, liquid samples, gas samples and so on. As a geophysical logging channel, to obtain a variety of geophysical field of rock and mineral field information. Observation of hydrogeological dynamics of groundwater as an artificial channel. Used as a probe, mining combination, the development of groundwater, oil and gas, geothermal drilling. Drilling rig drilling can be divided into geological survey or exploration drilling, hydrogeological drilling, wells or engineering geological drilling, geothermal drilling, oil drilling, and so on.

 Drilling machinery models are not the same size, so the organization will be different, but it is still very different. The general drilling machine is composed of hollow shaft (hollow drill pipe), mud pump (discharge pump), power head (gearbox) and mud pump discharge pipe. The upper end of the hollow shaft is connected with the power head, and the mud pump is arranged on the hollow shaft And the lower end of the mud pump discharge pipe is connected to the outlet of the mud pump. It is driven by a low-speed shaft driven by a low-speed shaft. The mud pump in the rotating hollow shaft is submerged underwater (below the ground level), reducing the operating procedure, reducing the failure rate of the drilling machine, increasing the operating speed and increasing the drilling Machine drilling depth.