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Equipment For Drill Pipe - Spinner Tongs

Jul 28, 2017

The buckle is a device that gives the drill pipe automatically on the shackle. Mainly divided into pneumatic screw clamp,hydraulic clamp two.

1, pneumatic screw clamp

LSSW-40 pneumatic knob clamp main parameters:

Size range: 3-½ "to 9 ½" (89-241 mm) l

Rotation speed (5 "drill pipe): 120 RPMl

Torque (5 "Pipe): 1100 ftlbs (1490 Nm)

Pressure: 90-120 psi (6,2-8,6 Bar)


Pneumatic screwdriver use precautions

1) cylinder, valve, air all parts of the safe and reliable, flexible action without leakage phenomenon

2) When the gears of the drive gear are broken

3) Drive and pressure roller diameter wear is not greater than 3.175 mm

4) flexible rods to adjust

5) lubrication parts often refueling maintenance

6) keep the gear tank oil a certain amount of gear oil

7) If there is slip, noise, small leaks should be checked or repaired

2, hydraulic clamp

Q10Y-M hydraulic clamp is mainly composed of stroke gearbox, deceleration device, clamp head, air control system and hydraulic system.

Precautions for use

⑴ clamp head pallet size should be consistent with the size of the drill pipe joints.

⑵ transfer large pliers to the wellhead, the valve is strictly prohibited in the end, in case the pliers quickly to the impact of the import movement.

⑶ in the deduction of all the deduction from the female buckle and clamp did not release the drill before the drill is not allowed to mention the drill.

⑷ clamp to stop, it should be all the liquid valve back to zero, check valve back to the gate, stop the hydraulic pump, close the clamp air valve.

⑸ According to the shackle on the upper and lower pliers to determine the position of the handle position, change the position, the claws of the gap must be just after the operation, or institutional failure


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