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Evolutionary Advantage Of 600s Three Cylinder Plunger Pump

Mar 08, 2018

    Cementing truck, acidification fracturing is a key equipment of cementing and fracturing, the core components of these devices is three cylinder plunger pump, its overall performance requirements are high pressure, large displacement, small volume, light weight, large working range, reliable and continuous stable operation.

    The power end assembly is mainly composed of a shell, a crankshaft, a connecting rod, a cross head, a cross head sliding sleeve and a cross pin. The TWS600S three cylinder plunger pump has no gear transmission inside the power end shell, and the gear reducer is set alone outside the shell. The crankshaft is changed from the general eccentric wheel mechanism to the integral alloy steel forging structure, and the crosshead sliding sleeve is designed as a replacement half cylinder shape by the integral copper sleeve. These improvements ensure that the power structure of the pump is minimized under the condition of transmitting enough power, which simplifies the structure, reduces the quality and volume, and has simple structure and easy maintenance.

   The hydraulic end assembly is mainly composed of pump body, plunger, plunger plug, valve assembly, valve spring, suction valve, locking seat, discharge flange, suction manifold, hydraulic seal and packing lubrication. The head of the pump is the core part of the pump. Fourth the pump head designed by the oil machinery plant is sampled in the body of the body after being quenched and tempered. The comprehensive mechanical performance of the pump has fully reached the performance level of the same kind of pump abroad. The finish machining of the head of the pump is carried out in the CNC machining center. The precision of the product size is controlled by programming, and the corresponding cutting tools and tooling are made to ensure the quality of the machining. The TWS600S three cylinder plunger pump has 2 types of pump heads adapted to 6 specifications of the plunger. Different pressure and displacement can be obtained to meet the needs of various working conditions. The packing of different materials is suitable for various media: hydrochloric acid, cement slurry, fracturing mortar, hydrocarbon, toluene, etc., which is suitable for ambient temperature and liquid temperature. The self-adjusting packing assembly adopts precise pressing fiber reinforced V pressure ring and precision machining bronze joint ring. Users can choose different packing assembly, valve assembly, discharge flange and suction manifold for various supporting arrangements, and pump all kinds of special liquids. The quality of the pump will not be changed greatly due to the difference between the plunger specifications and other selector.