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Fracturing And Cementing Equipment Drilling Process

Sep 28, 2017

fracturing and cementing equipment Drilling process

But the "fracturing and cementing equipment, a brief introduction to the main application of drilling accessories information" for many people is still relatively unfamiliar, and today we come to understand: the role of: through the solidification technology to remove the drilling fluid in the harmful solid Phase, to retain useful solid phase, to meet the drilling process on the drilling fluid performance requirements. Through the solid control technology to remove the detrimental solid phase in the drilling fluid, to retain useful solid phase, to meet the drilling process on the drilling fluid performance requirements. The most effective and economical way is: mechanical removal. Fracturing and cementing equipment: vibrating screen desander desilter, centrifuge, degasser. Solid control system: a single by a variety of fracturing and cementing equipment, according to the requirements of drilling fluid control technology and a reasonable combination of a whole. Introduction to the solid control system - centrifugal force centripetal force: the object is done when the circular motion is directed to the center of the force. Centrifugal force: refers to people used to describe the circular motion of the object has a tendency to leave out of the illusion of a force. There is no centrifugal force, only the centrifugal effect. Centrifugal force is not the existence of equipment, fracturing and cementing equipment, a brief introduction only to the heart of the widely used drill parts?

We should all know that we have a wide range of underground mineral resources, many metal deposits and rare metal deposits geomorphic geological structure of ore body grade changes are more complex, we want to get high-quality mineral resources, we must have high-quality drilling tools , And also inseparable from a number of drilling accessories, drilling and mining accessories on the wide range of applications, we understand how much, then for everyone to elaborate below: 1, in the exploration of ore deposits, especially non-ferrous metals such as rare metal ore census In the exploration, the tunnel drilling is used to reclaim the ore deposit, and the exploration of the geological structure of the exploration and exploration of the ore body and sampling and verification. 2, in the mining ditch, commonly used tunnel drilling technology to drill underground observation holes, ventilation holes, drainage holes, gas discharge holes, grouting holes, blasting holes, anchor holes and excavation of the pilot hole and so on. 3, in other areas of geotechnical engineering construction, tunnel drilling equipment and technology can be used for dam foundation slope reinforcement geological disaster management deep foundation pit support, as well as industrial commercial traffic military and other aspects of underground construction. Drilling accessories simple and wide drilling of the main application of information accessories Pan information is the use of these, I hope that the above description can help you, the need for drilling accessories have friends, you can contact us in time.