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Fracturing And Cementing Equipment Mainly Include

Sep 07, 2017

fracturing and cementing equipment mainly include

Oilfield enterprises include oil and gas exploration and development, oil (land, sea), natural gas production, storage and transportation gathering and transportation system. With a wide range of points, wide, long line, large regional span, poor environment, open production and other characteristics, the climate environment is complex and diverse, such as: ocean, beach, desert, hills, plains and so on. Oilfield production and use of fracturing and cementing equipment on the power supply protection requirements are mainly reflected in: First, oil and gas production has been greatly affected. Voltage fluctuation or sudden power failure will cause some or large area of oil, gas wells stop production, due to power supply radius, line length, pressure drop larger, difficult to start the motor, the production wells scattered recovery time, oil and gas production impact ; Second is likely to cause some fracturing and cementing equipment damage. The depth of the well is generally in the range of several hundred meters to several kilometers, the main oil extraction equipment for the pumping unit, electric submersible pump, thick rod pump. Sudden power failure will lead to sudden changes in oil production equipment conditions, easily lead to equipment damage, the general need for local maintenance or overall maintenance, serious equipment may be caused by oil or scrapped; third is caused by paralysis storage and transportation system. Electric heating capacity will result in downhole crude oil temperature, viscosity increases, heavy oil pipeline blockage, crude oil waxing, then transfer station, joint station outage, single well storage tank can not unload oil, crude oil can not be transported; Four is to cause the rig to stop, the relevant equipment damage, well deformation and other serious accidents; five is to lead to natural gas pipeline pressure fluctuations or interruption of gas supply, natural gas production capacity and gas pipeline is an integrated system, with flammable, easy Explosion, high operational control accuracy, long distance from the gas pipeline, complex terrain and other characteristics, the downstream production plant parking, will cause huge economic losses and unpredictable security incidents. Oilfield power grid is an important infrastructure for oilfield exploration and development production and employee life security. It is the basic condition for promoting oil production, local economic and social development. Oilfield power grid construction and development, basically with the oil field engineering with the production capacity of "rolling development" and gradually build the snow, this feature makes the oil field power grid planning and construction is facing a variety of challenges.

    Fracturing and cementing equipment are indispensable in the solid phase control of drilling fluid. The fracturing and cementing equipment is mainly composed of vibrating screen, desander, desilter, deaerator, centrifugal Machine, sand pump, stirrer and mixer, the following is a brief introduction to the fracturing and cementing equipment, some basic knowledge and precautions: First, the solid control system and purification process drilling fluid solid phase control method , Replacement, precipitation and mechanical treatment. In modern solid-phase control, mechanical processing is the most effective way, but in the specific use of the process is often used in conjunction with other methods to get a better effect