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Fracturing And Cementing Equipment Performance Parameters

Jun 07, 2017

In order to meet the requirements of cementing and fracturing equipment  designers, product acceptance and operator's frequent use of equipment performance parameters, the design uses the Microsoft Office Excel spreadsheet to use the calculation and function functions to enter the raw parameters of cementing and fracturing equipment. The corresponding performance parameters can be obtained and the performance curve is automatically generated. The software can directly analyze the rationality of performance parameters, reduce the design calculation workload, improve the design accuracy, but also allow the technician to choose the cementing and fracturing equipment, power configuration, to avoid the limitations of the configuration program.

Cementing and fracturing equipment performance parameters refer to the equipment according to the configuration of the engine, gearbox and piston pump different, through the design calculation, the equipment in the engine at different speeds, transmission box in different working gear, the plunger pump The output of the theoretical displacement, the corresponding maximum working pressure and output water power and other parameters. For a long time, the design staff in the design of the program, you need to repeatedly adjust the design data in order to calculate the performance parameters of the device. When you adjust a certain input data, you need to re-calculate; because the calculation of the middle of the data are not the same, resulting in different designers of the same design to get different accuracy of the calculation results. On the other hand, due to the large computational workload, the designer can only choose in a limited number of programs, the performance parameters are only a single speed of the data, so the proposed configuration is not the most reasonable. The automatic generation of spreadsheets using cementing and fracturing equipment performance parameters and curves allows the designer to quickly calculate the performance parameters of the configuration scheme by adjusting the input parameters. When you need to adjust an input parameter, you only need to change the corresponding item in the table. All calculations change accordingly and the result is calculated. 


The spreadsheet can reduce the computational effort, improve design accuracy, and standardize design data. As the calculation of the data provided in the transmission box under different conditions of the corresponding rotation of the displacement and pressure data, the equipment operator can be in accordance with the equipment at different speed and work of the performance parameters of the table, with reference to the requirements of the construction process to correct Engine speed and gearbox work gear, to reduce the cementing and fracturing equipment in the construction operation of the blindness.

Under normal circumstances, cementing and fracturing equipment used in the maximum working speed of the engine 1800 ~ 2100r / min, the engine connected with the hydraulic transmission box, in order to ensure the normal operation of the equipment, hydraulic transmission box in a short time after the shift operation , Must be run under the blocking conditions, so the actual working speed of the engine 1500 ~ 2100r / min. The input parameters of the electronic form are based on the actual working speed of the engine, and the speed of the five levels is used to calculate the working stroke, the maximum working pressure, the theoretical output displacement and the output power of the engine under different output speed And other parameters. In the actual calculation is used in the engine effective output power, so the need to enter the power consumption of other accessories, including: the power consumed by the fan, generators and air compressor power consumption and other power consumption of the device Wait.