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Fracturing And Cementing Equipment Very Critical Equipment

Aug 02, 2017

fracturing and cementing equipment Very critical equipment

We are a professional manufacturer of fracturing and cementing equipment in which the dry sieves in fracturing and cementing equipment are well drills that are commonly used to recover liquid phase wells. Dry vibrating screens or dry sieves are a linear vibrating screen , Which is mainly used for the recovery of the adsorbed liquid phase in the excrement removed by the main vibrating screen and the hydrocyclone during the drilling waste disposal process. This method of recovering the liquid phase is particularly suitable for oil-based mud, which can effectively reduce the mud waste The Information on more dry sieve, we understand how much, then for everyone to elaborate on the next:

    The purpose of the drying sieve is to divert the drilling fluid through the screen, keep the solid particles on the screen and transfer it through the screen to the end of the vibrating screen for removal. Its main function is to remove the cuttings, This is also the main function of all solid phase removal equipment. By the rotation of the eccentric combination device to provide power, power acting on a porous interface, thus completing the solid phase separation of the vibrating screen. This motive causes the screen to vibrate along a fixed path or path. Compared with the mainstream drilling fluid vibrating screen, the drilling fluid drying screen mesh screen mesh size will be larger, because the dry screen treated cuttings are relatively dry, so the general use of high-frequency excitation motor as a driving force source. So that the drilling fluid to be recycled flows through the screen slowly, coupled with a strong vibration force, can maximize the recovery of cuttings in the liquid phase.

    In the course of use, dry sieve can be and solid control system of any equipment, such as linear vibrating screen, desander, desilter and other combinations. The solid phase removed by the combination of these devices is then passed through a linear shaker of a fine mesh cloth to recover the liquid phase adsorbed on the solid phase. All the equipment are combined into a drilling fluid cleaning system, arranged in a straight line with the main vibrating screen. Drilling tank on. When not used as a dry vibrating screen, these devices can be accessed into the drilling fluid circulation system to facilitate fine particle separation. These dry vibrating screens are used from the drilling fluid used in the desander and desilter for pump suction treatment. The principle of the drilling fluid shaker is dried and then passed into the next stage treatment equipment.

     Fracturing and cementing equipment in the drying of the main working principle for everyone to introduce here, through the above information, we should have more understanding of the drying sieve, more information on the drying sieve, will continue to organize for everyone , Hope that we can help.

Oil machinery

     Fracturing and cementing equipment in the mud vibrating screen is one of the most critical equipment, we usually use the process of doing the appropriate maintenance and maintenance work, which shampoo for each continuous continuous work for two months (running 1400 hours) After the vibration of each bearing should be lubricated once, and to do a good job of the tour inspection work, on the vibration sieve bearing lubrication and inspection work for everyone to explain in detail:

    1, wipe the vibrator housing around the vibrator housing with a rag.

    2. Remove the grease stopper from the vibratory vibrator with an 8mm Allen wrench.

    3, the lubrication gun on the special grease nozzle installed on the vibrator box.

    4, with a grease gun to each grease nozzle into the 5.7 grams of grease, about 5 times.

    5. Remove the grease nozzle from the vibrator housing and refit the grease stopper.

    6, do not be the next month's grease also into the too much grease caused by high temperature will damage the vibrator.