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Jan 16, 2017

Two main parameters of slurry pump for displacement and pressure.


Displacement calculated in discharged number of litres per minute, it bore diameter and the required washing fluid returned from hole on the bottom of the speed, that is, the larger the required displacement greater. Required washing fluid upward speed of cutting down the drill cuttings, and rock dust rushing away from the hole, and carried to the surface in a reliable way. Geological core drilling, generally returning speed at about 0.4~1.0 m/min.


Pump pressure depends on the depth of drilling, washing liquid after passage of the resistance and the nature of the transmission fluid. Drilling deeper, larger pipe resistance required higher pressure.

With the hole diameter and depth of change requires pump displacement can be adjusted at any time. Pump with gearbox or hydraulic motor adjusting speed in order to achieve the objective of changing emissions. In order to accurately grasp the pump pressure and changes in emissions, to install a flow meter and pressure gauge on the pump, drilling personnel to understand the pump can transport \ transfer at any time, whether through pressure changes distinguishing hole normal to prevent the hole in the accident.