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International Petroleum & Petrochemical Technology And Equipment Exhibition

Apr 05, 2017

CIPPE is the most important international Petroleum & Petrochemical Technology and equipment exhibition is currently held in China, has great influence on the global petroleum and petrochemical industry, is the development of the industry leader, has witnessed great progress Chinese petroleum equipment industry, expanding market, build interactive communication for many enterprises internationalization platform. The past two years, affected by low international oil prices, oil and gas equipment industry experienced a big shock, big adjustment, a big turning point. In the face of severe challenges, the oil and gas industry to deepen the structural reform of the supply side, from the perspective of value creation to reshape the oil and gas industry chain, enhance the efficiency and market competitiveness, enhance sustainable development capacity. With the implementation of OPEC limited production agreement, oil prices rose steadily, the oil and gas industry is gradually recovering, this year will be dedicated to the oil and gas industry a more professional, more valuable and more exciting industry exhibition. Chinese oil is a comprehensive international energy companies, equipment manufacturing China oil business as one of the main business, is an important force in China's equipment manufacturing industry, has great influence on the global petroleum and petrochemical equipment manufacturing industry.

This is the eighth consecutive year to participate in the unified organization of China CIPPE exhibition pavilion, composed by the immediate equipment manufacturing enterprises, Scientific Research Institute of oil and gas fields and engineering technical service, construction, and other units of equipment manufacturing enterprises, the manufacturing enterprises reached 14, is the largest exhibition Pavilion exhibitors, most real domestic and foreign guests. Praise.

At the opening ceremony, CIPPE was awarded the gold medal for the exhibition". China petroleum drilling Institute "energy saving drilling speed the Navigator" won the sixth annual "CIPPE exhibits innovation award".