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Mud Pump A Small Fault, Do Not Have To Find A Master Can Solve The Tips

Sep 06, 2017

    Mud pump in the production and life has an important role in the dredging project to be applied in the drilling operations also need, then if the mud pump occurred in some small fault at the scene, how do we do? Find master repair No master. Re-buy one? The cost is too high, and will soon be used to delay. Here we have some common small fault to do a solution of the mini mud pump, so you save time and effort to solve the small problems.

1.Pump does not absorb water

Infusion water is not enough, the pump can not be discharged from the air, suction pipe leak, the front liner and impeller gap.

Solve: Continue to pour water, check the pipeline is leak, adjust the impeller and the front liner clearance.

2.Pump water is slow

Front liner and impeller clearance, the water pipe can not seal the air, empty slowly.

Slove: Adjust the gap, adjust the outlet pipe, install the vacuum device.


3.Water pressure is small, the flow is small

Pump with air, impeller and front liner gap, clutch closed tight, impeller or liner wear.

Solve: Drain the pump gas, adjust the gap, adjust the clutch friction plate gap, replace the impeller or liner.

4.Pump vibration

Pump shaft and diesel engine (or motor) are not concentric, impeller imbalance, bearing damage.

Solve: Adjust the concentricity, impeller balance test, replace the bearing.

5.Impeller journal wear fast

High-pressure pump head low, packing dislocation, pump shaft and back cover different heart.

Solve: Replace the high-lift high-pressure water pump, replace the packing, adjust the concentricity.

6.Pump wear fast

Construction environment (large particles) poor, far distance transport, water pipe length,

Solve: Replace the battlefield, add afterburner, shorten the length of the inlet pipe to reduce cavitation.

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