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Mud Pump Application Areas

Sep 07, 2017

Mud Pump Application areas

As we all know, mud pump has been mainly used in the excavation of the river, deep. Municipal engineering waste residue, manure, waste liquid delivery. In recent years, the application areas continue to be new expansion, such as the transformation of the reservoir terminal, the application of the sea filling technology, new rural construction, real estate development. All in all, the current new developments in the field of mud pump applications in the following areas:

First, the transformation of the reservoir terminal: a lot of places in the reservoir terminal for many years of silt, debris, sediment caused the ship to transport the goods can not dock, the use of mud pump for deep, excavation. To achieve the goal of navigation. Like Hunan Xiangjiang terminal, Fujian Putian terminal have a successful example of the transformation.

Second, the seaside filling technology: in the coastal operations due to the impact of the tide, the construction safety is not guaranteed, in recent years, mud pump construction workers through the frying technology to solve this problem. Like the Shanghai Luchaogang, Yangshan Port development are using this construction process, received a good effect.

Third, the new rural construction: Since the CPC Central Committee called for a wide range of new rural construction, around the farmland construction and transformation, rural land formation, rural road reconstruction. Mud pump operation is simple, rapid installation, the construction of convenient features have been most vividly applied.

Real estate development: now, whether in large and small cities, or in rural areas, land is a very valuable resource, especially in the real estate in the deep foundation of the necessary land can not be guaranteed, and the mud pump to use its relay function to The river, the sea to take soil, take sand. Effectively meet the needs of real estate development, become an indispensable real estate development equipment.

Fifth, the bridge over the river channel construction: In recent years, China's rapid development of road traffic, large-scale construction of the bridge, the construction of the river channel is the key to ensuring the smooth flow of the road, and the two most important is the deep foundation must be a strong guarantee The Due to the need to continue to sink, consolidate the foundation. Smart engineers on the use of mud pump relay construction of the unique characteristics of a solid foundation for the development of the necessary.

    Mud pump is in the drilling equipment drilling process, to the drilling of mud or water and other washing fluid machinery. Mud pumps are an important part of drilling machinery and equipment. Its main role is in the drilling machine drilling process with the drill bit into the drill down with the drill bit, play a cooling bit, cleaning drill, fixed wall, driven drilling, and drilling back to the ground effect. In the commonly used circular drilling machine, the mud pump is the surface of the rinse medium - water, mud or polymer rinse liquid under a certain pressure, through the high pressure hose, faucet and drill rod center hole directly to the bottom of the drill to To reach the cooling bit, the cutting down the cuttings and transported to the surface of the purpose. Commonly used mud pump is piston or plunger type, driven by the power machine crankshaft crankshaft crankshaft through the cross head and then drive the piston or plunger in the pump cylinder to do reciprocating motion. In the inhalation and discharge valve under the alternating effect, to achieve the purpose of pressure and circulation rinse solution.