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Mud Pump Center Rod Disassembly Bracket

Aug 17, 2017

Mud pump in high load, complex work, easy to cause some parts of the fatigue wear, fracture and so on, in order to ensure the integrity of the equipment, that does not affect the next step in the production, and that will repair as soon as possible, replace the damaged parts .The center of the mud pump rod is a key part of the connection, it is connected to the piston rod, because the center of the rod position is special, disassembly space is small, and the weight of the rod, in the disassembly process, there is insecurity of the hidden dangers, but also need more people with the operation, in order to disassemble.


As shown in FIG:The actual situation made a: adjustable height, with a fixed device of the mobile bracket, so that the center of the rod into and out of the mud pump box, reducing the occurrence of intermediate accidents, and can accurately locate the cylinder and the power of the connection , Reducing the accuracy of the eight bolt holes in the adjustment, one can be a good location, quickly fastening bolts, reducing the equipment maintenance time.

HT400 泥浆泵.jpg

mud pump 

Through the installation of the two-way bar test, the two can be smooth in a half hour fast, safe replacement center rod, each time can save maintenance time of 30 minutes, reducing the cost of drilling costs.