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Mud Pump Components And Spare Parts Construction Safety Of Silt Area

Jun 13, 2017


Mud Pump Components and Spare Parts Construction safety of silt area

1, labor and equipment - mud pump operator is purely dealing with the mud, high pressure water jet jet water so that the mud around the mud, the operator must be "fully armed", wear waterproof pants when the cold to wear plastic gloves and warm The Those who enter the construction site staff should wear insulated shoes, wear insulated gloves, water work wear life jackets.

2, the safety of electricity - mud pump construction safety is important, the whole construction process are mud, water, electricity, people, machine "five combinations", once the leakage, the scene is the conductor, a large Put an end to barefoot battle, how can we take preventive measures? First of all, in strict accordance with the "construction site temporary electricity safety technical specifications" provisions of the implementation of non-professional electrical technicians shall not operate electrical equipment. Construction site electrical equipment before entering the inspection, non-qualified equipment shall not approach, all low-voltage electrical equipment should be installed leakage protection device. Before the start of each employee to carry out safety training, strengthen safety awareness, to grasp the necessary safety knowledge of electricity.

3, silt area construction safety - sludge area operation mud pump is mainly walking inconvenience, and sometimes there can be due to collapse in the mud can not escape the casualties occurred. Many of the safety methods, according to the situation on the ground according to local conditions, flexible measures. Such as dry soil replacement, paving wood bamboo, foam rafts, shelves and so on.

4, sludge discharge area safety - sludge nozzle to reach the elevation, we must continue to take over, at this time the mud pipe nozzle softer sand in addition to take over the first pave the way to pave the way, but also to prepare some bamboo rope hemp Class of emergency supplies, then take over two or more, to take care of each other, but also equipped with night lighting equipment.

 5, anti-landslide, drowning - mud pump excavation earth excavation a not too deep, and people and soil and body to maintain a certain distance between the pump, the general digging depth of not more than 4 meters, the construction workers from On the ground down the soil, must not emptied from the bottom of the soil body to make it fall so prone to casualties, such a case and a lot of lessons. Drowning accident is not uncommon, fell into digging, bursting dams, water operations and so will occur drowning accident, construction should pay special attention.

 6, waiting tide construction safety - sea  Jiang beach mud pump construction has a great impact on the tide, must wait until after the low tide to work, although the tide has a certain law, but also occasionally "tide" appears, Sometimes to the point of retreat, sometimes not to point up so far to observe, so always pay attention. Most of the beach is silted, and the staff is wearing a pants. It is more difficult to walk, and it is not advisable to wait for the tide to retreat. Construction workers carrying life-saving products, in addition to wearing life jackets, but also with a knife, whistle, communications equipment, such as prevention of accident. There must be two or more operations or peers, and back and forth to mark the line, after the high tide can see. In short, waiting for the construction of water to pay special attention. In case of typhoon, large waves and other bad weather in advance to evacuate the equipment, to ensure that the property from loss.