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Mud Pump Components And Spare Parts Control Part

Oct 12, 2017

Mud Pump Components and Spare Parts Control part

The relief valve is composed of two parts, because 2-53 in the valve cover above the regulator part, the valve cover below the control part. The role of the regulator part is given the inlet pressure (also the system pressure) of the specific value, is the hydraulic pressure and spring force balance principle of the work, the control part of the role is to rely on the slide valve opening part of the system pressure oil , Resulting in pressure drop, keep the inlet pressure constant. The amount of overflow is determined by the opening of the spool, and the size of the spool is determined by the upper and lower pressure differentials of the spool, and the magnitude of the pressure difference is determined by how much of the flow through the damp hole. When the flow through the damping hole increases, resulting in increased pressure, slide valve opening also increases, the valve flow increases; the other hand, the strong flow reduction. Below the mud pump accessories experts to explain it under it!

As the needle valve to withstand the oil pressure area is very small, therefore, even if the system set the pressure higher, the pressure regulator 11 stiffness is not necessary, so the pressure is relatively light. yF type relief valve maximum adjustment pressure up to 2lMPa. For this relief valve, even if the pressure on the inlet port is large, the spring 4 stiffness can be small due to the presence of pressure in the upper chamber of the spool valve. Therefore, when the spool flow position changes, the spring force The change is also small. In addition, when the pressure regulating spring 11 is adjusted, the pressure in the upper chamber of the valve is substantially the same at the time of overflow, so that the amount of the inlet pressure changes little as the overflow flow rate changes, Type relief valve. Mud pump accessories manufacturers recommend routine inspection of the power side is the most important way to prevent maintenance, this check can be found in a variety of fault size, for the existing fault to arrange the necessary maintenance, or in the drilling machine to remove the removal of moving The

1. Check the preload of the main bearing bolt.

2. Lock the wire Check all the bolts (including the main bearing bolts, crankshaft bearing baffle screws) the head of the locking wire, after re-tightening the screw, to replace the wire, on the tightening torque requirements.

3. Tubing Check all tubing to ensure complete and unobstructed, check the pump inhaled hose for damage and flattening.

4. Inhalation filter Check the filter and, if necessary, clean or replace it.

5. Remove the main bearing cover from the main bearing cover, check the tightness of the main bearing stop bolts, the bearing roller and so on. Cleaning and removing any dross and foreign matter, as they will accumulate to the bottom of the bearing area.

6. The size of the gear teeth check the size of the gears are abnormal wear, in the run during the tooth surface will have some spots, which is the "initial pitting", the safety of the gear has no effect.