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Mud Pump Components And Spare Parts Drilling Process

Jul 05, 2017

Mud Pump Components and Spare Parts Drilling process

Mud pump is in the drilling process, to the drilling of mud or water and other washing fluid machinery. Mud pumps are an important part of drilling machinery and equipment. Let the mud pump accessories manufacturers to explain the next under the bar!

Its main role is in the drilling process with the drill bit into the drill down with the drill bit, plays a cooling bit, cleaning the drilling tool, fixed the borehole wall, drive drilling, and drilling drill back to the ground role. In the commonly used circular drilling, the mud pump is the surface of the rinse medium - water, mud or polymer rinse liquid under a certain pressure, through the high pressure hose, faucet and drill pipe column hole directly to the bottom of the drill to achieve Cooling the drill bit, the cutting down the cuttings and transport to the surface of the purpose. Commonly used mud pump is piston or plunger type, driven by the power machine crankshaft crankshaft crankshaft through the cross head and then drive the piston or plunger in the pump cylinder to do reciprocating motion. In the inhalation and discharge valve under the alternating effect, to achieve the purpose of pressure and circulation rinse solution.

Through the above explanation, I believe that the main role of the mud pump accessories have a certain understanding, if you want to know more about our official website! What is the maintenance and maintenance of the pump? Let the mud pump accessories manufacturers to explain the next under the bar!

1, shaft seal maintenance:

To regularly check the seal water pressure and water, always keep a small amount of clean water flowing along the shaft, regularly adjust the packing gland, check the packing and replace the packing regularly. Shaft seal water pressure, shaft seal water should meet the above (shaft seal inspection) requirements. Mechanical seal with a pump, long-term use, the mechanical seal parts should be filled with N46 No. oil to prevent mechanical seal parts rust and internal rubber pieces failure.

2, the impeller adjustment:

In order to ensure the efficient operation of the pump, it is necessary to adjust the gap between the impeller and the front panel in time, adjust the impeller clearance first stop the pump, loosen the bolts of the bearing assembly, twist the nut on the bolt to move the bearing assembly forward Rotate the shaft by hand to rotate in the direction of rotation of the pump until the impeller is rubbed against the front panel. Loosen the nut in front of the tightening half circle and tighten the nut on the front of the adjusting bolt to move the bearing assembly backwards. The front guard gap is between 0.5 and 1 mm. After adjustment, before re-starting to re-check whether the impeller rotation is normal, the bearing assembly compression bolts are tightened, and then start the pump.

3, bearing lubrication:

When the assembly is assembled, if the assembly is correct, the amount of lubricating oil is appropriate, the service is timely and the service life will be longer. The maintenance personnel should regularly check the bearing assembly, check the bearing assembly and the lubricating oil, and periodically add or replace the lubricating oil , The gap time and the amount of injection and the pump speed, bearing specifications, continuous working hours, the number of pump stops, the surrounding environment and operating temperature and many other factors, it is necessary to gradually accumulate experience, reasonable and timely addition of lubricants.

4, with the pump should be a week to rotate the shaft 1/4, so that the bearing evenly to withstand static load and external vibration. Centrifugal pump is a kind of mud pump, a wide range of centrifugal pumps, the structure of a variety of centrifugal pumps must be combined with the suction tube and discharge pipe and other components together as shown in the pump device to work properly, the lower part of the suction tube There are filters and bottom valves that act as a filter for the liquid and prevent the liquid from flowing back to the suction tank. The discharge port is equipped with a gate for regulating the flow rate. The top of the volute is equipped with a funnel, the pump is used to pump water into the pump, the gas in the pump chamber is removed, or the pump chamber gas is pumped by a dedicated vacuum pump. Centrifugal pumps can also be classified by purpose, blade mounting, pressure size and speed ratio. For specific pumps, often give the necessary names according to their main features.