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Mud Pump Components And Spare Parts Mud Pump Cylinder Liner

Jul 18, 2017

Mud Pump Components and Spare Parts Mud pump cylinder liner

More common types of mud pump cylinder liner: single metal cylinder, bimetallic cylinder, ceramic cylinder, nickel-based alloy cylinder liner.

Single metal cylinder liner

Single metal cylinder liner is carburized and high frequency treatment, the hardness can reach HRC58-62, with high finish, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, long service life characteristics, suitable for use in more gentle corrosive mud.

Bimetallic Cylinder Liner

Bimetallic cylinder is currently the most widely used, but also the largest amount of mud pump one of the hydraulic end fittings. Bimetallic cylinder liner with hot forging high-wear jacket and high-chromium wear-resistant anti-corrosion package of the strengths of the jacket selection of high-quality carbon steel hot-pressing a molding, the use of high-chromium cast iron centrifugal casting, during which the jacket has higher than 900000psi tensile strength, the jacket after the heat treatment to reach HRC62 above, can accept 7000psi mud pressure, the internal and external surface lubrication, such as mirror, the hole standard tolerance, the normal life of up to 800 hours or more.

Nickel-based alloy cylinder liner

With the continuous progress of science and technology, has developed a new material made of nickel-based alloy cylinder liner, the skills for the alloy material covered in the inner liner, the use of vacuum sintering skills, constitute 1.5mm alloy sintered layer, sintered layer data The use of high-performance rare earth nickel-based alloy powder to add a micron-grade carbide information, so that the sintered layer evenly distributed with micron-grade high wear-resistant hard points, effectively improve the sintered layer of all anti-wear function, Together because of the alloy arrangement and its small, will not attack the scene such as spalling. Because the powder constitutes a good alloy sintered layer, contact strength is good, sintered Rockwell hardness reaches HRC: 60-64.

Ceramic cylinder liner

  Ceramic cylinder liner is the choice of zirconia, zirconia toughened alumina (ZTA), high-performance A-99 alumina ceramic three data systems. The original material selection of high purity nano-zirconia and alumina powder, the leading cold-pressing skills of a molding, high temperature sintering, assembly, and finally by high-precision grinding and polishing, with high bending strength, tensile strength, high The fracture toughness and acid corrosion resistance. As a mud pump wearing parts, the quality of the mud pump piston on the production speed, quality and cost have a great impact, and with the development of drilling technology, its impact will be more and more. Thus, the life of the extended mud pump piston is particularly important.

Qingdao Kehua oil machinery produced by the mud pump piston, the top selection of special nitrile rubber made, more resistant to friction, oil, water; the bottom of the canvas base selection, with high tensile strength, anti-chemical function, anti-wear function , The service life to reach the level of similar foreign products.

Application of mud pump accessories

1, prepare the necessary hand and things.

2, check the sealing device oil cup grease is not injected.

3, see the direction of rotation of the pump is not accurate, prohibit the rotation, turn the wrong nut nut can be loose, so that corrosive media into the journal corrosion, resulting in the pump can not operate, may also make the impeller nut thrown into the accident. Before the pump starts, the coupling must be covered to ensure safe production.

4, the pump device position is lower than the liquid level (inverted irrigation conditions), the slurry pump before starting, to open the pipeline gate valve, pump liquid filled the pump. If the device position is higher than the liquid level (vacuum), the mud pump in the start when the need to pump and exhaust, so that the pump and suction pipe filled with liquid, drain the pump air.

5, start the motor, the slurry pump slowly open the outlet gate valve, so that the pump operation is normal, then the valve to the extent of demand.