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Mud Pump Components And Spare Parts Valve Box

Oct 31, 2017

Mud Pump Components and Spare Parts Valve box

In the general mud pump accessories, the power is always increased with the increase in flow. Below, Xiaobian and everyone to share the application of mud pump design technology.

When the pump is running at the design point of operation, the pump power is generally less than the rated power of the motor. The pump is safe to use; but when the pump head is reduced, the flow increases and the power increases. When the flow rate exceeds the design flow point and reaches a certain value, the input power of the pump may exceed the rated power of the motor and cause the motor to be overloaded and burned. The motor is overloaded to protect the system from rotating when the system is running. The

Pump head less than the design point of the use of the situation at the head, in practice, often encountered, a situation in the pump selection, the pump head is too high, and the actual use of the pump is to reduce the lift The other is that the pump operating point is not well determined in use, in other words the pump flow needs to be adjusted frequently; there is also a case where the pump needs to be changed frequently.

The pump power will not exceed the motor power and the pump will be overloaded, and it will be very convenient and reliable for pumps with this performance, whether it is selected or used, and the motor power Do not deserve too much, you can save considerable equipment costs.

1, the valve box: the whole forging vertical structure, clearance volume of only 7.3 liters, is the domestic high-power mud pump in the smallest volume of the drilling pump series. The three valve boxes are drained and inhaled by draining manifolds and suction manifolds. One end of the discharge manifold is equipped with a high pressure four-way and a pre-pressurized air bag, and the other end is mounted with a lever-type (single-pin multipoint) shear safety valve.

The air pressure is 100-30% of the maximum working pressure. However, in order to ensure the long-term performance of the capsule, it is best not to exceed 45.7 atmospheres, and the pressure of the air- (650psi), in this case, has been able to ensure that the pressure unevenness ≤ 5%.

2, the cylinder: the use of bimetallic liner, the inner layer of high-chromium wear-resistant alloy, the surface roughness requirements in the 0.20 range, the internal surface hardness ≥ HRRC60. The liner specifications are Φ100-Φ100. For the user to choose.

Piston from the piston core, bowl, pressure ring, reed composition, in line with ministerial standards. Marking and piston rod with clamp clamp, easy loading and unloading. The use of adjustable rod packing box structure.

3, cylinder head flange, bonnet flange with trapezoidal thread connection.

4, the cylinder fixed way: 3NB-600 pump cylinder are used by the people tighten the fixed way.

5, sprinkler system: According to user requirements, by a dedicated electric centrifugal pump or drive shaft drive centrifugal pump for the spray pump, through the spray box on the nozzle, cooling and lubrication cylinder liner. (0 ℃ <T <20 ℃), according to the water pollution program and the temperature of the water (0 ℃ <T <20 ℃), at any time to update the coolant (water temperature, water, water, water, water, , To ensure that the cylinder, piston for effective cooling and lubrication.

6, discharge manifold assembly: the use of integral forging group welding structure. Discharge manifold and the front of the three valve box with a bolt screw cable fit, with "O" type packing, the discharge valve chamber are not collusion.