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Mud Pump Development Prospect Of Mud Pump Industry

Jul 18, 2017

Mud Pump Development Prospect of Mud Pump Industry

Development Prospect of Mud Pump Industry

       At present, China's basic energy consumption accounts for the world's total consumption of 1/10, second only to the United States, ranking second in the world. Unit GDP energy consumption is 4-5 times the developed countries, the main energy consumption unit energy consumption and international advanced level compared to roughly 25% to 60% higher. Energy consumption is large, the use of low efficiency, coupled with the relative lack of quality energy resources and uneven distribution of energy resources to further exacerbate the contradiction between China's energy supply and demand, energy conservation is the only way for sustained and stable economic development. Mud pump development prospects. Mud pumps are one of the three components of the rig and are the key equipment for the drilling fluid circulation system. During drilling, the drilling pump delivers high viscosity, large density and high sediment content to the bottom of the well at high pressure to cool the drill bit, carry out the cuttings and drill the drill as a power tool for the bottomhole power drill. In various forms of pumps, the reciprocating piston pump has been widely used in drilling operations due to its ability to deliver high viscosity, large specific gravity, high sediment concentration and relatively small flow of liquid under elegant conditions The

    The use of drilling mud pumps has been around for over 100 years. Early mud pump function is only circulating mud, cooling the bottom of the well, carrying cuttings and so on. At the end of the 1940s, as the mining of jet drilling and downhole power deep wells increased, the higher the power and pressure of the drilling mud pump were demanded. The typical structure of the mud pump is a twin-cylinder double-acting pump, which has low transmission efficiency, large flow and pressure fluctuations, large volume and heavy weight, and can not meet the needs of harsh drilling conditions, especially marine drilling.

     In response to the national development of energy-saving emission reduction needs and enterprise development planning, according to the "National Development and Reform Commission Office of the organization on the declaration of resource conservation and environmental protection 2013 central budget investment options" spirit of the document: energy efficient technology and product industrialization "Relevant declaration requirements, Shandong Machinery Exploration Co., Ltd. proposed" efficient energy-saving mud pump industry demonstration project. " BW-320 mud pump is a new type of product developed for the new drilling technology such as hydraulic drilling, screw drilling and turbo drilling in recent years. It not only in the core drilling process to the drilling process to provide irrigation fluid (mud or water), so that in the drilling cycle to achieve the surface to carry the cuttings to keep the bottom of the clean, and cooling and lubrication of the drill and drill With, to protect the hole wall to prevent collapse, but also as a power source, driven by the impactor (or screw, worm) to help drilling. So the mud pump pump is one of the important equipment of modern drilling.

 BW320 mud pump is particularly suitable for a variety of soft ground grouting treatment of the grouting pump. Horizontal three-cylinder reciprocating single piston pump performance, it has two bore and four gears speed, a total of eight gears to choose from. The main hole depth of 1500 meters within the hydraulic impact drilling support, but also for 2000 meters screw drilling, worm drilling support, but also for the hole within 3000 meters of ordinary core drilling support. Because of the advanced structure of various pumps at home and abroad and a variety of new materials, in particular the use of crankcase and gearbox design, so the pump is not only reliable performance, wearing parts longer life, and small size and light weight, Good decomposition, easy to move the mountain, is the ideal geological exploration equipment, but also for engineering construction drilling, drilling wells, sugar, wine, dike grouting and other uses.