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Mud Pump Durable

Oct 31, 2017

Mud Pump Durable

The advantage of the mud pump is obvious, first of all, the appearance of the mud pump is very beautiful, mud pump durable, in the case of prolonged use can also keep the structure is not deformed, and the mud pump is also very fast when installed, so the mud Pump is an ideal metal wall, the current range of mud pumps are used in a wide range of industries. Another low cost of mud pump, mud pump anti-corrosion performance is very strong. In the mud pump production process, the mud pump uses raw materials is high quality wire rod, mud pump in the surface are usually carried out a special processing, so the mud pump can resist UV, mud pump durable. Mud pump is in the drilling process, to the drilling of mud or water and other scouring machinery. Mud pumps are an important part of drilling machinery and equipment. Its primary effect is to drill the mud into the downhole with the drill bit in the drilling process, to cool the drill bit, clean the drill, fix the borehole, drive the drill, and drill the drill back to the ground. In the commonly used circular drilling, the mud pump is the surface of the scouring medium - water, mud or polymer scouring liquid in a certain pressure, through the high pressure hose, faucet and drill pipe column hole directly to the bottom of the drill to reach Cooling the bit, cutting the cuttings down and transporting them to the surface.

Commonly used mud pump is a piston or plunger type, by the power machine moving pump crankshaft reversal, crankshaft through the cross head and then move the piston or plunger in the pump cylinder to do reciprocating motion. In the inhalation and discharge valve replacement effect, to complete the pressure and circulation of the intention of the rinse. Mud pumps are commonly used in industrial construction and play an important role in building construction. Pumps have a lot of types, and more familiar pumps in our daily life are usually pumped pumps. Before the country did not use tap water, dig a well, but not earlier than with a shake to shake the well water, but with the pump to the water pumping up, so save a lot of effort.

Mud pump is an important equipment for drilling. For example, digging oil, it is necessary to use a strong drill bit deep underground drilling. In the drill bit continue to drill down at the same time, the drill bit and the underground soil or stone sharp friction, which is the drill will be hot, in order to protect the drill, people will use a mud pump to transport water or mud to cool the drill bit. Drill in the course of the work, will be stained with a lot of debris in the drill, so that will affect the sharpness of the drill, so that its work efficiency. At this time, the mud pump can rinse the debris on the drill bit, so that the drill bit in the normal state. Therefore, the role of mud pump in these areas is still very important.