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Mud Pump Pipeline Characteristic

Aug 29, 2017

Mud Pump Pipeline characteristic

Mud pump is an impurity pump specially designed to extract mud sand operation. According to the different types of mud pump structure, it can be divided into three categories: horizontal mud pump, vertical mud pump and slurry pump. Due to the bad working conditions of the sediment pump and the dredging pump of the sand mining ship, the over-flow parts of the pump are very badly worn, and the wear of the impeller of its core parts is the most prominent. Under normal working conditions, the service life of the impeller on the sand boat is less than one week and needs to be replaced frequently, which can affect both work efficiency and cost. Therefore, in daily use of mud pumps, we need to pay attention to maintenance.

A method to wear abrasion resistant material on the impeller surface. To determine the polyurethane elastomer in the coating material, the injection molding process is applied to the impeller surface.

Second, in order to maintain the size of the impeller and the pump shell, we need to make sure cladding layer on the impeller can strong orientation, for impeller structure pretreatment before coating, after processing the results of the need to meet the requirements of the strength of the impeller.

The mud pumps are different from other pump types, the main parts that are easily damaged are bearing and impeller, so be sure to check and replace timely, apply lubricating oil properly, and prevent excessive wear and tear. I hope that the maintenance measures of the mud pumps mentioned above can help you. Here are some ways to change the efficiency of the sediment pump. I hope it will help you.

1. Change the speed of the mud pump.

Install a control valve in the outlet pipe of the centrifugal pump to change valve opening.

3. Change the outer diameter of the turning impeller.

So, mud pump characteristic curve, this will not change, but the pipeline characteristic curve is can change, when the mud pump working point provided by the flow cannot meet the required flow under the new conditions, should try to change the position of the pump working point immediately to improve the working efficiency of the pump.