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Mud Pump Sealing The Characteristics Of The Way

Jul 05, 2017

Mud Pump Sealing the characteristics of the way

Mud pump in the use of the process, pay attention to its sealing problem. Perhaps we all understand, there are three kinds of slurry pump seal, then the three ways to choose how to seal it? The following is the mud pump accessories manufacturers to introduce you.

On the choice of sealing methods, the most important thing is to first understand the characteristics of these sealing methods, and then according to the specific circumstances.

First packing seal, is the most common kind of seal, is injected into the shaft through the form of water, constantly pouring a certain pressure inside the filler water, a pump body to prevent leakage: for not suitable for use with the impeller seal of the multi-level series Pump, with packing shaft seal. Packing shaft seal structure is simple, easy maintenance, cheap.

Followed by impeller seal, is through a reverse centrifugal force of the impeller, to prevent the slurry leakage. In the pump inlet pressure is not greater than the pump outlet pressure value of 10% of the single-stage pump or multi-stage series pump pump can be used to pay the first wheel seal, the impeller shaft seal without shaft seal water, Body, good sealing effect. Therefore, in the case where dilution is not allowed in the slurry, such a seal may be considered.

Again, mechanical seals are generally used in situations where the sealing requirements are relatively high. Especially in the field of chemical, food, not only require a seal, but most not to allow the addition of additional ingredients into the pump body. The disadvantage is that the high cost, maintenance difficulties and so on. What are the routine maintenance of the pump? Let the mud pump accessories manufacturers to explain the next under the bar!

1) bearing water pressure, water to meet the requirements, at any time to adjust (or replace) the tightness of the filler, do not cause shaft seal leakage. And timely replacement of the sleeve.

2) When replacing the bearing, be sure to ensure that the bearing assembly is clean, the oil is clean, the pump running temperature is generally not more than 60 ~ 65 degrees Celsius is appropriate, the maximum does not exceed 75 degrees Celsius.

3) to ensure that the motor and pump coaxial, to ensure that the elastic pad in the coupling integrity and correct, after the replacement should be timely.

4) to ensure that the pump components and piping systems are installed correctly, firmly and reliably.

5) part of the slurry pump parts are vulnerable parts, in daily use to pay attention to the loss of wearing parts, in time for its maintenance or replacement. Slurry pump wear parts repair or replacement process to ensure that the assembly is correct, adjust the gap is reasonable, to avoid the emergence of tight friction phenomenon.

6) Slurry pump suction pipe system must be no leakage state, at the same time in the operation should pay attention to whether the plugging plug phenomenon. Slurry pump required to deal with the media with more solid particles, so put into the pump into the grille should be consistent with the slurry pump can pass the requirements of particles, reduce the large particles or long fiber material into the pump caused by blockage The possibility of. (1) the use of mechanical automatic bypass valve.

The bypass valve is mounted on the bypass line between the outlet and inlet of the Roots vacuum pump. This valve controls the pressure difference between the pump inlet and outlet not to exceed the rated value. When the differential pressure reaches the rated value, the valve will automatically open by the pressure difference, so that the Roots vacuum pump outlet and the entrance of the same, so that the pressure between the inlet and the port quickly reduced, then Roots vacuum pump in almost no pressure load. When the pressure difference is lower than the rated value, the valve automatically shut down, the gas through the Roots vacuum pump pumped by the former pump. The Roots vacuum pump with bypass relief valve can be started with the front pump at the same time, making the unit easy to operate.