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Mud Pump What Components Are There

Aug 14, 2017

Mud Pump What components are there

What are the components of the oil mud pump?

(A) power side

1, pump shell pump shell and pump cover are made of steel plate welding. The same time as

The shaft of the drive shaft and the crankshaft is the whole cast steel, which is welded with the pump shell after welding and annealed after welding to eliminate the residual stress.

2, the initiative axis

The size of the outer part of the outer axis of the mud pump is completely symmetrical and can be fitted with a large pulley or sprocket at either end thereof.

3, crank shaft

The use of forged straight shaft plus eccentric wheel structure, not using the domestic and international three-cylinder pump the traditional casting crankshaft structure, the castings for forgings, the overall assembly, easy to use, good build, good repair. Eccentric wheel, adult gear wheel hub and shaft with interference fit.

4, connecting rod made by ZG35CrMo. Connecting rod small head pin pin, pin at both ends of the installation of single row to the center of the short cylindrical roller bearings, assembled in the cross body. The crosshead is cast with ductile iron and the guide plate is cast from ductile iron. The gap between the guide and the cross is 0.26-0.38 meters. Cross head and rod with flange, bolt connection.

(2) hydraulic end

1, the valve box: the overall forging vertical structure, the clearance volume of only 7.3 liters, is the domestic high-power mud pump in the smallest volume of the drilling pump series. The three valve boxes are drained and inhaled by draining manifolds and suction manifolds. One end of the discharge manifold is equipped with a high pressure four-way discharge and a preloaded air bag, and the other end is mounted with a lever type (single pin multipoint) shear safety valve.

The preloaded air bag is 20-30% of the maximum working pressure, but in order to ensure the lasting performance of the capsule, it is best not to exceed 45.7 atmospheres (650 psi), in this case, has been able to ensure that the pressure unevenness ≤ 5%.

2, the cylinder: the use of bimetallic cylinder liner, the inner layer of high-chromium wear-resistant alloy, the surface roughness requirements in the 0.20 range, the internal surface hardness ≥ HRRC60. The cylinder liner is Φ100-Φ100. For the user to choose.

Piston from the piston core, bowl, pressure ring, reed composition, in line with ministerial standards.

Marking and piston rod with clamp clamp, easy loading and unloading. The use of adjustable rod packing box structure.

3, cylinder head flange, bonnet flange with trapezoidal thread connection.

4, the cylinder fixed way: 3NB-600 pump cylinder are used by the people tighten the fixed way.

5, sprinkler system: According to user requirements, by a dedicated electric centrifugal pump or drive shaft drive centrifugal pump for the spray pump, through the spray box on the nozzle, cooling and lubrication cylinder liner. Coolant is usually water or water-based solution (can be added to the emulsion of emulsified oil or diesel), coolant into the tank, the cycle; according to water pollution procedures and water temperature (0 ℃

6, discharge manifold assembly: the use of integral forging group welding structure. Discharge manifold and the front of the three valve box with a screw screw cable fit, with "O" type packing, the discharge valve chamber do not collusion.